Can Dog Bite Treatment for Humans be Done at Home?

Dog Bite Treatment for Humans

  • Basic first aid techniques can be administered for those bites that are considered minor and do not cause excessive bleeding.

  • Those patients that have large bite marks and are gaping will require a visit to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Stitches are generally used to close the wound and prevent scarring and infection.

    There are many cases wherein the wound is left opened since doing so can enhance faster healing.

  • Administration of antibiotics is done when the bite wounds show symptoms of infection. Oral antibiotics are given to aid in the healing process and stop infections. Those patients that encountered severe bites will need antibiotics that will be administered intravenously.

  • Tetanus shots will be given for those patients that have not been given one for the last five years. These shots prevent the risks of the life-threatening bacterial infection that caused spasmodic attacks in the muscles and difficulties in breathing.

  • Rabies Shots. These shots are only given when the dog appears to be unhealthy and when anti-rabies shots have not been given to it.

    For those patients that do not have any idea if the dog that bit him or her has rabies, doctors will usually administer the shots as a precaution.

Dog Bite Treatment at Home

Below are some of the steps and tips that can be used in treating minor dog bite wounds.

  • Carefully wash the bite wound with water and soap for at least five minutes to properly remove the dog’s saliva. Rinsing should also approximately take five minutes.

  • If bleeding can be noticed, pressure should be applied until it stops.

  • Apply antibacterial ointment.

  • Cover the wound with a sterile bandage and elevate the affected area. The bandage should remain covering the wound for at least twenty-four hours.

  • Red clover in its tea form can be taken.

  • Red chili powder can be directly applied. This can prevent infection and promotes faster healing. Caution should be followed since this home remedy can create severe pain.

  • Fresh onion juice can be applied. This helps control bleeding and aids in faster healing.

  • Honey can also be used.

  • For those bite wounds that are on the head, foot and hands along with those that are very deep and wide, a visit to the hospital is highly recommended. Bleeding that does not stop for 15 minutes would also need a hospital visit.

  • Patients that have been bitten and have diabetes or cancer should also be rushed to the hospital for proper treatment.

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