What Causes A Fat Lip And How To Treat A Swollen Lip

It may be annoying to find sudden fat lip when you look in the mirror. Actually, fat lip is a vague term; the more precise term is swollen lip or an inflamed lip. You may wonder what the cause may be for sudden or gradual swelling of your lip.

Well the causes may range from a small insect bite to a serious injury on your face.

Depending on the cause fat lip may remain for a brief period before disappearing, or it may be of gradual onset and take long time to heal.

Causes Of A Fat Or Swollen Lip

The most common cause for fat lip is trauma or an injury on the face. A direct punch on your lips or on your face may cause swollen lip. Fat lip can result from an accident. The swelling can be either on both lips or on single lip. Oral surgery, severe sun burn or surgery on lips can also turn your lip fat and swollen.

If there is no history of any injury, there may be other reasons for lip swelling.

Boils around your lips may cause swollen lips. Usually it is a bacterial infection; pain and swelling of lips is common feature of bacterial infection such as boil around the lips. As the boil heals, gradually the swelling of lips will reduce.

Aside from infection and injury, the other most common cause for fat lips is allergic reaction. It can be drug allergy, or food allergy or an insect bite allergy. Most often an ant bite or a mosquito bite around the lips may be the cause for fat lip.

Usually it is associated with itching on the surrounding lip area. In case of drug allergy, swelling can appear suddenly after ingestion of the drug or it can occur after few hours. Together with fat lips there may be associated swelling of eyes, watering of eyes, itching all over the body, swelling in throat etc.

There are many other causes for your lip to become fat and swollen such as; a person who is suffering from heart failure or liver failure or kidney failure may have swollen lips as one of its sign besides other signs and symptoms. A pregnant woman may have swollen lips due to fluid retention.

How Do You Treat A Swollen Or Fat Lip?

Many times you may wonder what to do for a fat lip, especially when you are not able to ascertain the cause. In such situation it is always wise to consult a doctor, but in no way you should neglect the condition even if there is no pain or other associate symptoms. Your doctor may be able to tell which medicines and drugs you are allergic to and what medicines you have to avoid.

  • If the lip swelling is due to an accident, you may just wait for a day or two; the size of fat lip will reduce on its own.
  • If the cause is trauma or a blow on your face or on your lips, apply cold compresses to reduce fat lips. Take few pieces of ice in a dry and clean towel or in an ice bag and do cold compresses for ten minutes in every hour for first few hours. Then reduce it gradually and apply ice every six to eight hours.
  • To get rid of fat lips in case of an insect bite such as mosquito bite, on the counter antihistamine medicines become handy, however you have to consult your doctor for the dosage as there are plenty of antihistamines available with different dosage schedule.
  • Usually, for such swellings ice fomentation will relieve both swelling and itching. The ingredients found in pineapple and papayas are known to fight pain and swelling in a natural way. You can eat both the fruits, besides all citrus fruits that are known to reduce the swelling and pain.
  • Rub Castor oil on your fat lips to keep them moisturized. To get rid of fat lips caused due to trauma or after surgery on your lips, homeopathic medicine Arnica is very effective.

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