Green Tea And Anxiety: Benefits And How Does It Relieve Anxiety?

Anxiety is a psychological state which is associated with behavioral, emotional, cognitive and somatic components and is considered to be characterized by feeling of fear or displeasure and concern. Anxiety is a normal reaction to different stressor which is associated with inability of individual to cope with a demanding situation.

While anxiety is common, repeated attacks of anxiety can be indicative of a disorder.

There are a host of natural remedies that are available which claim to provide relief for anxiety.

Green tea is considered to have potent medical properties to deal with anxiety. Green tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves. Green tea is distinguished based on the technique of processing these leaves while the other forms include white, black and oolong tea.

How Does Green Tea Help In Anxiety Relief?

Camellia sinensis plant leaves contain an amino acid L-theanine which can help alter the state of the brain to produce more alpha waves, which is a sign of mental and physical relaxation. While there is little research done in this area, most naturopaths believe this amino-acid plays a vital role in relaxing an individual.

Reports suggest that unlike other forms of tea, green tea is richer in L-theanine. Green tea can help soothe the nerves in presence of a trigger and help restore calmness.

While green tea can help relieve anxiety, some experts suggest that the presence of caffeine can actually aggravate some of the symptoms of nervousness and uneasiness. As per the National Mental Health Institute, anxiety sufferers should avoid consuming caffeinated beverages, as they can worsen the symptoms. Green tea is considered to have lower portions of caffeine compared to oolong and black tea, but slightly higher quantity of caffeine when compared to white tea.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Anxiety

One of the greatest advantages of green tea in management of anxiety is that the results don’t take time to appear. While there may be variations in the efficacy of the tea depending upon its quantity and type, a report published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition specified that green tea can induce a calming effect within 45 minutes of its consumption and the positive effects can last for an additional hour or longer.

In addition regular consumption of green tea is considered to provide a host of other benefits,

  • The body needs to remain well hydrated, especially during an attack of anxiety and experts suggest that inadequate water can worsen the symptoms associated with the episode. While any form of beverage can provide for the body’s hydration needs, tea is more beneficial since it doesn’t contain any form of addictive.
  • Drinking tea provides you an opportunity to sit back and relax. Hence a simple act of consuming a green tea can naturally help in calming your nerves.
  • In addition, green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants which help in enhancing overall health of an individual. Antioxidants are considered potent in management of a wide range of conditions including cancer and ageing. It also helps in regulating hormonal levels in the body.
  • Green tea is also considered to trigger metabolism and aid in weight loss, which in turn creates an overall sense of health and well being.

Complementing the consumption of green tea with regular exercise, yoga and a healthy diet can help management anxiety in the long term.

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