Natural Hair Conditioning Treatments For Dry And Oily Hair

Women give first priority to hair and its care when it comes to beauty. It is the dream of every woman to have her hairs soft and shiny. It is common for the hairs to become dry, coarse and dull due to daily exposure to sunlight, air pollution, and use of styling products.

Since ages before the salons came into existence, hair conditioning treatments were done at home very effectively. Hair conditioning treatments are necessary for women as they have long hairs; it revitalizes the hair and gives a shiny luster to the dull hairs.

Hair Conditioning Treatments For Dry Hair At Home

Hair conditioning at home has two benefits, firstly you save your money which you spend in salons and secondly you save the time. Besides this you will find many of the ingredients in your kitchen useful for the treatment for particular type of hairs.

Most of men and women have dry and brittle hair problem, it is partly attributed to unhealthy food habits, over consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, stress, depression and medications while the other half have it due to environment pollution.

  • In any case, herbal hair conditioning treatments are effective in treating dry hair and protect them from splits. Sandalwood, calendula, rosemary, geranium, and other herbs can be used with oil or milk. Apply it on your hairs to make them soft and supple.
  • Prepare a paste of 2 egg yolk and add little water. Mix it properly before applying it on your hairs. Let it remain for 10 minutes and rinse it off with cool water. This is a useful tip for hair conditioning at home.
  • To enhance the effect of essential oils, add aloe vera extract before applying it on the hair. Aloe vera is the natural remedy to replenish the moisture and bring back the luster and smoothness to your rough and coarse hairs.
  • The best hair conditioning at home is with vegetable oils, olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Apply it at night before you retire. The oil works on the damaged hair all through the night. It helps to retain the moisture. Wash your hairs in the morning with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Natural Hair Conditioning Treatments For Oily Hairs

Those who have oily hairs, can neither apply oil on their head, nor condition their hairs to a greater extent. For them different ingredients may be useful for providing hair care. Vinegar, egg yolk, honey or yogurt can be hair conditioning remedy for oily hairs. Apply the mixture of egg yolk, vinegar and yogurt on your hair and leave it for ten minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. Black hair requires more conditioning as they become coarse and brittle easily. Condition them regularly with jojoba oil or coconut oil and wash them properly.

For conditioning oily hair, mix henna powder in a cup of yogurt, adds a pinch of sugar. Add water if the paste is too thick. Apply it on your hair and let it remain for thirty minutes, rinse it with water. Henna gives superb gloss and color to the hair.

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