Benefits Of Honey Lemon Tea For Sore Throat: How To Prepare It?

Sore throat is a condition which is associated with inflammation of the throat, due to viral or bacterial infection. The symptoms include swelling of the glands, difficulty in breathing through the nose and running and watery nasal discharge. Additionally, symptoms may include irritation and itching in the throat, ear pain, low grade fever and fatigue.

The manifestations of the symptoms depend on the severity of the condition. Naturopaths recommend the use of honey lemon tea for the management of sore throat. Lemon honey tea provides immediate relief of symptoms.

Is Honey Lemon Tea Good For Sore Throat?

A honey lemon tea is beneficial in the management of sore throat. Here’s why,

  • Honey has strong anti-microbial properties, potent against all kinds of bacteria. Additionally, raw honey is loaded with a host of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Honey has soothing properties which reduces the irritation of the mucosa of the pharynx. Honey is also helpful in reliving local symptoms of pain and hoarseness of voice.
  • Lemon is loaded with vitamin C, which is very vital in enhancing the natural immunity. Lemon further accentuates the properties of honey and makes it more potent.

How To Make Honey Lemon Tea For Sore Throat?

Here is a step by step description of how to make honey lemon tea at home, which can act as a potent home remedy for treatment of sore throat.

  • Add about half a slice of lemon, half a ginger and half a table spoon of raw honey, in a jar. Stir the mixture well to ensure that all the ingredients have been mixed well. The honey lemon tea syrup is ready.
  • Once the syrup is prepared, it can be stored for 10 to15 days in the refrigerator. To use this syrup to prepare the honey lemon tea, follow the instructions below,
    • Pour water in a tea kettle and boil it on the stove. Boiling the water is important since hot beverages are more effective in soothing throat irritation compared to cooler beverages.
    • Add the syrup to the kettle and allow it to steep for a while. Consume the tea when it is still warm.

As a variant to the above honey lemon tea, you can add a few fresh mint leaves and cinnamon to the tea to add taste. Mint has an additional soothing effect on the throat, while cinnamon helps improve metabolism and immunity. Note that it is preferable to add fresh mint leaves and cinnamon to the tea, rather than to the syrup.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Honey Tea

Lemon honey tea has several benefits, for the management of sore throat,

  • Over the counter cough syrups are loaded with anti-histamines which can make you sleepy. This mixture is natural and free from any side effects.
  • Raw honey is natural source of energy and helps boost up energy levels. Raw honey also has soothing effect on the throat and helps relieve symptoms including hoarseness and itching in the throat.
  • Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C which helps improve the natural immunity and prevents the recurrence of episodes of throat infections.
  • Mint leaves are considered to be very good in improving digestive functions and enhancing appetite.
  • Cinnamon helps improve metabolic functions and increases the level of energy and thereby alleviates other symptoms like tiredness and fatigue associated with sore throat.
  • The water in the tea, keeps you well hydrated, helps elimination of toxins from the body and hastens recovery.

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