How To Make Soda Water At Home And Benefits Of Carbonated Water

Soda water is nothing but carbonated water, which is carbon dioxide added to plain water. The other terms used to describe soda water include club soda, or carbonated water. Soda water is a simple alternative to plain water which is relatively less boring.

While in most cases, carbonated water may act as a substitute for plain water, it is usually calorie free but relatively more enjoyable, compared to plain water.

Further, carbonated water is simple to be prepared at home and surprisingly soda water has some health benefits as well.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Carbonated Water

Following are some of the main benefits of Soda water:

  • Some people may find it difficult to consume 8 -10 glasses of water each day. For them soda water (which is very similar to plain water) is a better alternative, as it is free of calories and is less boring compared to plain water. Further flavors can be added to soda water for variations and taste.
  • Soda water is considered to be beneficial in treating indigestion and constipation. As per a report published in 2002 in the European Journal of Gastroenterology, it was observed that soda water helps reduce dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation.
  • Another study published in Journal of Nutrition in 2004, pointed out that sodium content in soda water can be beneficial in lowering the risk of cholesterol and cardiac disorders.
  • The study also pointed out the soda water can actually improve the level of calcium and magnesium in post-menopausal women, especially if the soda water is fortified with the minerals. Ensure that you choose soda water which has these minerals included.
  • Additionally, as per fitness experts, soda water is more filling compared to regular water, which in turn makes it more useful for weight loss, especially if you consume soda water just before your meals. Carbonated drinks can cause a feeling of bloating, which may make you look fatter, but as long as you consume soda or carbonated water, you are not adding any calories.

How To Make Soda Water At Home?

Fortunately you can make soda water at home using some of the more frequently and easily available gadgets,

  • Conventionally, soda water could be made at home using the seltzer bottles. Seltzer bottle have a simple system which comprises of a gas canister, which carbonates the water. While this is a relatively old technique, seltzer bottles are still available. With the cost of cartridge for refill, it will cost you about 50 cents per bottle. However this technique is associated with a risk of explosion of the cartridge if not used correctly.
  • More newer and advanced devices and systems are available today, which make soda water preparation simpler and risk free at home. One such appliance is the one touch method system. These systems include all the components including the gas chargers, bottles and flavors. On an average the charger refills cost you at the rate of about 20 cents per liter.

While making carbonated water at home is very simple and easy, always remember to use cold water. Hot water may be difficult to get carbonated and may also not be very enjoyable while consuming. Also remember that soda water is calorie free, but if you add flavors to carbonated water, it is often associated with addition of calories; hence check the labels before using these carbonated drinks.

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