Causes Of Lip Twitching: Symptoms And Natural Ways To Stop It

Twitching of the lip, medically known as lip fasciculations occurs because of irregular and anomalous contractions of the muscle fibers in the area surrounding the lips. These contractions are involuntary and occur as a result of trauma, irritation, or stimulation of the nerve endings present in the muscles of the lips.

By and large, people tend to overlook the problem of lip fasciculations since it only comes once in a while and do not hamper anything. However, it is advisable to confer with your health care provider and understand the underlying cause for it and start timely and suitable treatment.

What Are The Causes Of Lip Twitching?

The following are the commonly seen etiological factors of lip twitching:

  • A sudden withdrawal from alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
  • Taking too much of over-the-counter drugs and medicines.
  • In case of excessive fear, excitement, anguish or anger.
  • Severe exhaustion or stress.
  • Muscle fatigue.
  • A deficiency of potassium.
  • Trauma to the facial nerve can cause lip twitching. Also, Bell’s palsy, a dysfunction of the facial nerve also causes lip fasciculations and needs proper management.
  • A facial spasm that may worsen because of fatigue or stress is known to cause repeated motor movements in the face muscles, particularly around the lips.
  • Hemi-facial spasm, which may occur when the facial nerve gets impinged by a tumor mass, can trigger uncontrolled facial movements like lip twitching.
  • Constant lip twitching can also occur due to hysterical tremors.
  • Sometimes twitching of the lips may be drug induced.
  • Hypo-para-thyroidism is another known cause.
  • Lip fasciculations are also seen in Parkinson’s disease.

Symptoms Of Twitching Lips

Lip twitching is very evident and can be felt as slight tremors in the lips, which may radiate to the rest of the face as well. There will be sudden, involuntary contractions of the lip muscles. Twitching and spasms occur frequently in a gap of few minutes.

Mild palpitation like movements particularly on the upper lip. Some complain of tingling numbness and a feeling as if the lips are frozen.

Natural Ways To Stop Twitching Of Lips

By and large, people tend to overlook twitching of the lips; however, it is very essential to get to the root cause and undergo the required tests and start the appropriate treatment. Confer with your health care provider and carry out a few tests and investigations that he advises; so that you can commence suitable treatment.

Also, the following guidelines will help you:

  • Steer clear of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. However, avoid sudden withdrawal.
  • Some experts suggest applying a warm wet cloth to the lip where the twitching occurs, it helps allay to some extent.
  • Most importantly, you have to manage your stress well; make sure that you incorporate a stress busting technique, such as, Yoga, Pranayama, Pilates, Tai Chi or some hobby that keeps you engrossed. These therapies will help you manage stress, anxiety, worry and fear effectively.
  • Also, eat a well-balanced meal and make sure you include potassium rich foods such as apples, bananas, cherries and other fruits and vegetables in the diet. You could also talk to your physician and ask him to start a potassium supplement of necessary.
  • Diseases such as thyroid imbalances and Parkinson’s need appropriate treatment management.
  • Bell’s palsy responds well to homeopathic medicines; so ensure that you get treated for it correctly, since that will help correct the twitching of the lip as well.

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