Causes Of Muscle Spasms In Lower Back: Alternative Remedies

A spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscles. A lower back spasm may be infrequent with only mild discomfort or it may be excruciating making movement difficult.

Here are some of the causes of spasm in the lower back

  • Trauma / injury to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the spine is a very important cause for spasms.
  • Lifting of heavy weights is a very common cause for back spasms.
  • Sports such as golf and football are known to trigger back spasms because these sports make you turn the back abruptly, swiftly and repeatedly.
  • The muscles of the back tend to be more susceptible to injury if the abdominal muscles are weak, given that, they help support the back.
  • In case you have a tendency to stiff muscles in the back, they tend to get injured more easily damaged than muscles that are flexible and stronger.
  • Arthritis of the spine or a ruptured disk in the vertebrae is another significant etiological factor.

Symptoms of spasms in the lower back

  • Discomfort and pain in the lower back.
  • Reduced mobility.
  • Stiffness.
  • Occasionally, tingling numbness.

Alternative Remedies For Lower Back Spasms

  • Ice application is always the first thing recommended for pain and spasms. Ice reduces the swelling and inflammation and thus provides pain relief. After 24 to 48 hours use heat application; heat enhances the flow of blood and eases discomfort. Steer clear of all activities which aggravate your pain.
  • For excruciating pain, your health care provider will prescribe non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants to allay your symptoms whilst the muscles heal. Steroidal injection may be necessary in extreme cases. However, there are a host of side effects with every medication. Talk to your health care provider about the benefits and likely risks associated with all medications.
  • Schedule yourself for massage sessions in case you have frequent episodes of spasms. Make sure you visit a licensed masseur though. Essential oils used for massage provide immense relief; commonly used essential oils are – clove essential oil, nutmeg essential oil and ginger essential oil.
  • Chiropractic care helps immensely, but be sure that you consult a doctor to have your condition accurately assessed and diagnosed first. Physical therapy fortifies and strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen.
  • Ginger is one of the most effective home remedies for back pain. Ginger is packed with a compound known as gingerols. Gingerols battle inflammation and swelling and consequently pain. Have a glass of ginger tea daily for complete relief.
  • Another beneficial home remedy is soy beans; soy provides protein which helps strengthen the spine and the muscles.
  • Furthermore, confer with your health care provider and start supplements for vitamins B 12, D 3 and calcium.
  • Weight management is very vital. If you are overweight, you need to shed a few pounds; this will relieve the stress on your spine considerably.
  • Standing up straight and wearing low-heeled shoes provides stability and strength to the lower back.
  • Exercise regularly, at least thrice a week, for 20 to 30 minutes. Regular physical activity like – exercises for your back and abdomen will make these muscles strong, keep you moving and make you feel great. A sedentary lifestyle is the chief cause for back pain.