What Is Meralgia Paresthetica? Its Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

Meraliga Paresthetica is a condition which affects large sensory nerves, namely the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and is caused due to compression of the nerve. The nerve compression is associated with a burning sensation and severe pain in the outer thigh region. The condition is also referred to Bernhardt-Roth Syndrome.

The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is a part of the lumbar nerve plexus.

The nerve serves the anteriolateral part of the thigh and doesn’t supply to any of the muscles.

Causes And Symptoms Of Meralgia Paresthetica

The primary cause for the development of this condition is nerve entrapment. The entrapment of the nerve is attributed to trauma, swelling or narrowing on the passage of the nerve.

There are certain risk factors that may contribute to the entrapment of the nerve,

  • Repetitive strenuous motions of the legs.
  • Wearing tight clothes, especially in the lower extremities.
  • When there is sudden weight gain.
  • Injury to the inner aspect of the thigh or the hip.

The common symptoms associated with this condition include the following,

  • Severe burning sensation which affects the lateral and outer region of the thigh.
  • Tingling and numbness in the thigh.
  • Increased sensitivity to slightest touch or pressure.

Natural Home Remedies For Meralgia Paresthetica

There are certain simple home based treatment options that can help in the management of the symptoms associated with the condition. While the efficacy of home based treatment is fairly limited,

  • Vitamin B12 supplements help in reducing burning and tingling sensation. Increase the intake of meat, egg and poultry products. Dairy products are the only source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians, hence low fat dairy products are recommended.
  • Physical therapy is considered useful in relieving the nerve entrapment. Physical therapy attempts to strengthen the muscles of the thigh and inner hip region to reduce the entrapment.
  • Experts recommend that patient should avoid wearing tight clothing, especially below the navel region. Tight clothing can increase the risk of nerve entrapment.
  • Obese individuals are at a higher risk of developing this condition and hence weight management is considered very important. Regular exercise coupled with dietary modifications like reducing the intake of processed foods, oily and starchy foods and increasing the intake of dietary fiber is very useful.

Here are some natural treatment recommendations that can help in the management of the condition. These treatment recommendations include the use of herbal remedies and homeopathy in the management of the symptoms,

  • Cold compress is beneficial in alleviating some of the symptoms including burning and itching sensation.
  • Alfalfa is a nerve tonic and helps in alleviating the symptoms associated with the condition. The herb should be crushed and consumed with milk or fruit juices.
  • Homeopathy can help relieve some of the symptoms including burning and itching sensation. Arsenic Alb and Apis Mel are two important remedies that can help relieve itching and burning sensation. Nux vomica is an effective remedy for nerve related disorders. The drug should be taken only after consulting a homeopathic doctor.
  • Electrotherapy is also considered beneficial in reducing the nerve blockage and alleviating the symptoms. Electrotherapy focuses on stimulating the nerve tissue and alleviating the symptoms associated with the condition.

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