Moles On Eyelids Home Remedies: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It?

Most moles are harmless and they do not pose any risk to health. Many people find them unattractive when moles are present on face and particularly on eyelids. Moles which in medical parlance are known as melanocytic nevi are brown or black raised or flat growths on skin. They form when large numbers of melanocyte cells accumulate in one spot.

Melanoytes are skin cells which produce melanin pigment, a substance which gives color to the skin.

Moles can be present since birth or they may develop later in life, commonly before the age of 30. Moles are seen more in fair skinned people than people with dark skin. Moles often change their color, shape and size. Some may disappear with time, while others may remain permanently. Rarely moles can become cancerous; therefore any mole which changes in its texture, size or color should be evaluated by a dermatologist to rule out the worst.

Moles can be removed with home remedies, but if they are present on eyelids more precision is required to remove them.

Usually moles on eyelids require professional help to remove them.

Causes Of Development Of Moles On Eyelids

Moles are present equally in males and females. They can develop on any skin surface including on eyelids. Moles are often seen in families. Therefore genetic inheritance is suspected to be one the reasons for its formation. It is especially true in people who have number of moles on their body.

Actually the underlying reason for development of moles is due to a defect in melanin producing cells called melanocytes. It is uneven distribution of melanocyte cells which results in moles. When melanocytes become concentrated at one spot, they form into a mole.

Over exposure to sunlight is one of the triggers for formation of mole. People with fair skin are more prone to have moles on their body. Since face and eyelids are constantly exposed to sunlight the chances of its formation on eyelids increases.

How To Get Rid Of A Mole On Eyelid?

Many people find it unappealing to have a funny looking mole on their eyelid. Often we remember a person having a mole on his eyelid rather than the conversation we had with him. People often seek treatment to remove eyelid moles solely for cosmetic reasons. However, from medical standpoint it is necessary to know whether the mole is dangerous. In other words is it a skin cancer? This type of skin cancer is called melanoma.

Even if it is not a skin cancer, moles on eyelids often cause irritation, itching or discomfort especially when the mole is large in size. Moles on other parts of body can be easily removed, but it is a challenging task when the mole has to be removed from the eyelids. The delicate location of mole requires precise technique for its removal.

Usually moles on eyelids need to be removed by an occulofacial surgeon. The surgeon excises mole from the base of skin surface of eyelid. Later on he may burn the stump with electrocautery instrument. In some cases the healthy part of skin is also removed to ensure that no cancerous cell is left, if the mole is suspected to be cancerous. The wound sometimes is wider and has to be stitched with sutures. Smaller moles are removed with laser technique.

Home Remedies For Moles On Eyelids

Those who do not want to undergo surgery may also try home remedies. One such home remedy that may help to cure mole on eyelid is castor oil. It has characteristic substances which help to dissolve and eliminate skin growths such as moles. Besides, applying castor oil on eyelids does not leave any residual scars. However, it takes more time to remove the mole. Rub castor oil daily on the mole. Prevent it from entering in the eyes. After a period of time, the mole will vanish.

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