Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract For Herpes Cure: How To Take It?

Olive leaf extract is been studied for its effectiveness in the management of skin conditions like Herpes. While there are several research studies that have reiterated the benefits to olive leaf extract, there are some important considerations on how to use it. As per a study conducted by the New York University School of Medicine, it was confirmed that olive leaf extract is known for its ability to change the pathways of dreaded infections like HIV and even reverse this condition.

While there are several speculations about the benefits associated with olive leaf extract, it has been considered very vital in management of skin infection like herpes. This article provides information about olive leaf extract and its use in treatment of herpes.

Herpes is an infectious skin condition which spreads by skin to skin contact or contact of bodily fluids. The most common types of herpes include the genital and oral herpes, which are characterized by painful ulcers around the site of infection. While there is no cure for herpes, several natural remedies are considered to play a potential role in the management of this disease condition.

In recent years, olive leaf extracts have gained immense reputation as an herb of medical value due to its strong anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties, which help strengthen the natural immunity and help in the treatment of various viral diseases including herpes.

Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract For Herpes

Olive leaf comprise of phytochemicals also referred to as secoiridoids. While there are 95 different compounds, the most important ingredient is Oleuropein, which is a natural antibiotic. Various studies have reiterated that this active ingredient has the potential to cure numerous disease conditions and is considered responsible for olive tree’s very powerful resistance to disease.

Oleuropein is an antioxidant, which strengthens the immunity, destroys free radicals and thereby acts as an immunity enhancer, which helps in prevention of infectious conditions like herpes. Here is how olive leaf extract helps in the treatment of herpes,

  • Olive leaf extract is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps improve the overall immune system to naturally fight against the disease condition.
  • Olive leaf extract eliminates free radicals that produce micro-toxins and hence can provide protection against a host of respiratory and skin ailments.
  • In addition it eliminates toxins and free radicals, olive leaf extracts can also enhance the cardiac and circulatory functions naturally, thereby improving overall immunity.

How Much Olive Leaf Extract To Take?

There are various natural herbal products available in the market, which can be beneficial,

  • Take three tablets of 500 mg each, every six hours, before meals. While there recommended dosage may be one tablet every six hours, a higher dose may be required for the management of acute infections.
  • Continue taking the dose, till you experience significant change in the presence of the symptoms. Note that you may experience other symptoms like fatigue, mild headaches, diarrhea, etc, which are a part of the detoxification process. These symptoms may start appearing immediately after you start taking the supplements.
  • Gradually reduce the dose after these symptoms start to disappear. Note that if the side effects are very severe please stop taking the medications and consult your physician immediately.

While olive leaf extract is considered to be very useful, a multidisciplinary approach is considered to be highly beneficial in the treatment and management of herpes and other skin ailments.

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