Tea Tree Oil For Lice Treatment: How To Use It For Lice Removal?

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral, as well as an effective disinfectant; importantly, this essential oil was frequently used as an antiseptic and pest repellant by the aborigines for hundreds of years. More recently, experts state that the Tea Tree essential oil has wonderful medicinal properties and can be used to treat a host of health conditions.

The tea tree oil is a pale yellow to transparent oil that has a strong medicinal odor, similar to that of nutmeg oil; the essential oil is extracted by steam distillation, that is, by steaming the leaves and expressing the oil.

The tea tree essential oil is very commonly used as a remedy to get rid of head lice. Lice infect a host of people; and what’s more, the parasite gets easily transferred from one person to another. The natural compounds and agents present in the tea tree oil act as a solvent, killing and dislodging lice easily.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Lice Removal?

  • In order to use the essential oil to treat head lice infestation, you may either massage the oil to the scalp or you may use a shampoo that has tea tree essential oil in it.
  • Get a shampoo or a hair product that has 10 % tea tree essential oil in it. This is the recommended ratio according to NIH. Apply the shampoo to your scalp as well as the hair, ensuring that it penetrates well. Scrub the scalp vigorously, and allow the tea tree oil to stay on the scalp for 2 to 5 minutes. Thereafter, wash the scalp and hair thoroughly.
  • Alternately, it would be more advisable to buy the tea tree oil and make your own hair care product at home. Blend together 10 drops of tea tree essential oil with 20 drops of almond oil or olive oil. Massage this blend in to the scalp well. Apply to the hair as well. Make sufficient amount of the blend, so that the entire scalp and hair are covered. Leave on for 2 hours; then wash off with hot water and a mild shampoo.
  • When you comb your hair, the lice and eggs will get dislodged.
  • Continue daily treatment for a month or until all lice and eggs have been removed.
  • Also, you need to sanitize your home environment to eradicate lice and eggs that can re-infect your scalp. Clean our bedding and covers in hot water.

Talk to your health care provider if you are still experiencing problems even after 5 weeks of regular treatment. Confer with your doctor before using pure tea tree oil on children.

Never ingest the tea tree oil. It can be toxic in a large doe.

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Lice Treatment

Tea Tree essential oil has amazing medicinal properties, making it a well-liked natural agent to manage and get rid of most infectious organisms. Furthermore, it is known to successfully battle a number of infections which are resistant to even some antibiotics.

Nonetheless, in spite of being so effective, it works in a natural and gentle way. Tea tree can help annihilate lice as well as the eggs quickly and successfully, without giving you any of the side effects that are frequently associated with lice-killing hair products.

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