Tragus Piercing Bump: Healing Bump On Tragus Piercing Naturally

Tragus piercing is piercing of the tragus, (that part of the ear that protrudes immediately in front of the ear canal), to wear a piece of jewelry. The piercing is done with a tiny gauge, hollow piercing needle which may be straight or curved; and typically, jewelry worn is a small diameter bead ring or ear studs.

Tragus piercings are by and large not very painful; this is because of the minute number of nerve endings in the tragus.

Piercing of the cartilage on the ears (like the tragus) is rather prone to getting bumps and small scars. Also, bumps may develop in to abscesses, which are painful pockets of pus.

Natural Remedies To Heal Tragus Piercing Bump

You may follow these guidelines and home remedies to manage your tragus piercing bump successfully; however, in case, the bump is too stubborn, do visit your health care provider.

  • Lemon: Lemon juice soaks (preferably cold) used every day on the affected area yields good results. Mix about ΒΌ th teaspoon of lemon juice with 8 oz.
    of water. Apply over the bumps using cotton swabs dipped in this solution, at least 5 to 6 times every day. It will hasten healing and will prevent the development of abscesses.
  • Chamomile: Use chamomile tea bags as warm compresses. Alternate chamomile tea with sea salt soaks. This helps the bumps to heal fast. Always rinse your skin with water afterwards. You may even use chamomile essential oil over the bump once daily. Blend few drops of the chamomile essential oil with a base oil such as avocado oil or almond oil and massage in to the affected area daily for a week.
  • Change the jewelry piece: Change your jewelry to something that is smaller. You could also opt for titanium or glass if it is suitable for your piercing. Make sure you talk to your professional before doing it.
  • Hot application: Use hot compresses for pus filled bumps. Place the cotton swab over the bump 2 to 3 times daily until the pus and discharge from the bump starts draining. Make sure that you keep the entire ear area clean. Crusts should not form. In case crusts form, make sure that you gently remove them with warm water and soap.
  • Tea tree essential oil: Another effective aromatherapy essential oil is tea tree oil. It is the most effective anti-septic essential oil that wards off against the formation of abscess and crusts. For obstinate cases of bumps, boils and scarring use neat tea tree oil; dab the area with a cotton swab dipped in tea tree oil and use 10 to 12 times daily, results are almost instantaneous.
  • Aspirin: Some experts and dermatologists advise crushing an aspirin tablet into a powder and adding about 2 drops of lemon juice and mixing in to a paste. Apply this paste to the bumps well as the surrounding area. Keep it for an hour and then wash off. Aspirin absorbs through the skin and opens up the blood vessels, thereby, accelerating the process of healing. Do this a minimum of twice daily.
  • Sea salt spray: Once the bump has gone, you need to buy a sea salt spray. Experts recommend using the sea salt spray consistently for a few months in order to prevent recurrences.

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