White Spots On Nipples: Causes And Getting Rid Of Them Naturally?

White spots on the nipples tend to occur from time to time, but you need not be overly concerned. Both men and women may have them and they become more obvious with hormone fluctuations, which is why women tend to notice them more.

Hormones play a role in their manifestations and most of the times they are just Montgomery tubercles which are a natural phenomenon and you should not try to burst them.

In case of doubt you should talk to your health care provider.

Possible Causes Of White Spots On Nipples

  • Slight de-pigmentation anywhere on the body is fairly common. It is just that the pigment forming cells are fewer in number in that particular area and you don’t need to panic.
  • Another probable etiological factor could be that the rest of your skin has become darker under the influence of puberty hormones; thus this area appears somewhat paler. At puberty the skin stretches and collagen tends to break up and appear as stretch marks that may be white, pink, blue, or brown.
  • Certain skin lesions are known to cause white spots.
  • Vitiligo or leucoderma is one significant causative factor; conferring with your OB/GYN as well as dermatologist is necessary.
  • Pregnancy may also trigger the appearance of white spots on the breasts and nipples due to a change in the hormone profile.
  • Post-partum is another reason. Blebs are known to occur after delivery. A bleb is a tiny white spot on the tip of the nipple which resembles a blister. The bleb may be on one nipple opening. It may be painful whilst breastfeeding. It develops when the baby takes only the nipple in to his mouth whilst feeding, thus exerting undue pressure on the tip of the nipple.
  • Occasionally, some women are worried about small white tubercle-like protuberances on the nipple. These are Montgomery tubercles and these are where some capillaries come to an end. They are there to lubricate and disinfect the nipple and are perfectly normal.

How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Nipples Naturally

Most of the times, the spots are puberty or pregnancy related; you don’t need to do anything about them. You could confer with your gynecologist or dermatologist so that your worries are laid at rest.

  • Montgomery tubercles are normal; your health care provider will help get rid of your anxiety.
  • In case of skin lesions and vitiligo you will have to discuss with the OB/GYN and the dermatologist to manage the de-pigmentation.
  • Post-partum blebs usually disappear in a day or two when the baby latches on better. You may need to treat the bleb before it disappears. Professional help with latch-on technique helps solve this problem. To get rid of a bleb, soak the nipple in warm water to soften the blister. Very gently rub it with a clean, damp cloth until it loosens. You may see a small strand of hardened milk come out from the tiny duct opening. That’s normal, and will help healing. Apply an antibiotic ointment over the sore area until it heals completely. Your doctor will prescribe an ointment so that you can keep breastfeeding. Feeding becomes comfortable once the bleb is broken. In extreme cases, your doctor may have to break the bleb with a sterile needle.

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