What is Affirm Laser Treatment and Its Actual Procedure Cost

Affirm laser is one of the spin-offs of the laser technology that has offered mankind with lots of options in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery. The treatment offers something better than the older, more traditional laser procedures: a cooling system incorporated within the equipment. This cooling system helps prevent burns in case the laser misfires or produces too much heat.

Affirm Laser Treatment

  • When it comes to providing treatment for a wide range of skin problems, Affirm laser offers one of the safest options available today. Its system incorporates a cooling system to immediate cool down the temperature that the laser beams had created.
  • Affirm laser also offers faster procedures compared to other laser systems. In fact, studies have shown that it could be used in as fast as 400% times compared to other systems yet producing the same or even superior results.
  • This laser system also combines 3 cutting-edge technologies that had been proven to be very useful and safe to use on many procedures.
  • Low energy is also used in this system, allowing effective delivery with the least discomfort or pain on the patient.
  • Affirm lasers can be used to treat aging problems such as wrinkles, age spots, and crow’s feet.

Affirm Laser Treatment Cost

  • Because this laser treatment is considerably better, safer, and more effective than other lasers, it is also more costly. The patient will have to pay a higher price for the same size or area of skin treated. Still, because it is very safe and effective, many patients still choose this treatment over other procedures.
  • The usual factors that could affect the final cost of the treatment include the following:
    • Physician’s professional fees
    • Clinic or hospital fees
    • The size of the area being treated
    • The part of the body being treated – some parts are more sensitive and could mean higher costs
    • The number of sessions it would take to complete the treatment plan

Cost of Affirm Laser Procedure Treatment

  • The final cost for the treatment will depend on the actual number of sessions done, the size of the treated area, and miscellaneous fees such as clinic and doctor’s fees.
  • Of course, cost is but one facet of the laser treatment. Often, those who wish to undergo this safe and very effective procedure do not mind if they have to pay a higher bill as long as they are comfortable and the treatment is effective.

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