Cost and Procedure of AFT(Advanced Fluorescence Technology) Laser

Hair removal is one of the dilemmas that people have to face today. There are a number of people who would like to get rid of their hairs on various parts of their bodies – to look better or for hygienic purposes. Lasers have come a long way in helping people achieve their dreams of having their unwanted hairs permanently removed.

AFT Laser Treatment

  • AFT or Advanced Fluorescence Technology is one of the newest and safest laser technologies available on the market today.
  • This laser technology also offers one of the fastest treatments available as it can cover a larger area with one pass. That means that there would be less passes on the skin portion to be treated. Often, this means more comfort to patients.
  • The laser works by creating beams of light on the area to be treated. These beams of light are converted into heat energy that seeks out the hair follicles to destroy them. The follicles will slowly be destroyed with each treatment session until all of them will be eliminated.
  • This treatment procedure is very safe because only the area to be treated is hit by the laser beams.

AFT Laser Hair Removal

  • As a hair removal tool, AFT lasers have been approved by the FDA. Thus, the consumer or patient has a high assurance that the treatment procedure is very effective and safe.
  • Compared with other laser methods, AFT laser offers less pain, less discomfort, and a faster method of hair removal.
  • It can also be used for different hair and skin types, even very effective in those who have dark skin. This is something that other laser types could not do as there is a limit unto the skin tone that can be successfully and safely treated by most lasers.
  • It can also be used to treat fine hair, something that other laser types could not do, too.

Cost and Procedure for AFT Laser

  • The cost of this laser procedure will depend on the size of the area where the hair will be removed as well as the number of sessions that the patient will need.
  • The procedure goes this way:
    • The laser will be passed on the area to be treated. Light beams are directed unto the hair follicles.
    • The light beams turn into heat that destroy the follicles.
    • A few passes are done per session. This is determined by the physician beforehand.
    • The patient may have to come back for several sessions to ensure complete hair removal.

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