Causes of Brown Age Spots on Face and Ways to Remove Spot

Brown Age Spots on Face

Having brown spots on any part of the face is a common occurrence among men and women. They become more frequent as a person ages because the hormones responsible for melanin regulation are no longer as active.

  • Brown spots are also known as hyperpigmentation, lentigos, or livespots.

  • They can be removed with regular exfoliation and with other chemical and mechanical means.

  • Spots usually occur when there are excess deposits of melanin on the skin.

  • Spots can not only appear on the face, but it can also affect the neck, the chest, the arms, the hands, and other areas exposed to the sun.

  • These brown spots could be unsightly but these are not infectious to other people.

Causes of Brown Spots on Face

  • Prolonged unprotected sun exposure

    • This is the main cause of sun spots.

    • They occur more frequently in older individuals who are experiencing a decrease in the hormones that help regulate melanin.

  • Pimples, cuts, burns, rashes, and blemishes

    • Spots may also appear following a pimple.

    • These go away on their own and will most probably fade in 2 or 3 months.

    • However, if the individual gets unprotected sun exposure, it can prolong the process and the spots can last for years.

    • This is commonly known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

To prevent these sun spots from appearing, use sunscreen.

  • Use sunscreen on a daily basis

  • SPF 15 and SPF 30 products will work well. Studies have shown that SPFs greater than 30 do not provide any more protection than the 30-grade.

  • Individuals need to use moisturizers or lotions containing SPF and apply them to the sun exposed areas of the skin.

  • Using SPF lotions at night is not recommended

How to Remove Brown Age Spots on Face

  • Chemical Rejuvenation

    • The use of chemical and acid peels can help to remove brown spots on the skin.

    • Chemical peels may be done at home or at the dermatologist.

    • Still, for safer and more effective results, the chemical rejuvenation should be done by an experienced person, especially a dermatologist.

  • Laser Peels

    • Laser rejuvenation can help to peel off the first layer of the skin and remove sun spots.

    • Although there are home devices touted to provide safe and permanent removal of these spots, it is still best to have it done at the clinic.

  • Mechanical Rejuvenation

    • Scrubs can be used to help remove these spots on the face.

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