What are the Causes of Lip Lines and Its Removal Treatments

Lip lines are common as you grow old. Even if they are not harmful, women do not like it and they consider it to be a beauty crisis. The delicate skin on the lip and around the eye is the first to show signs of aging. Lip lines are vertical lines on the lips and the surrounding area of the lips.

Lip lines are also referred as smoker’s lips. It is believed that those who smoke get these lines. However, smoking is not the only cause; it is the loss of skin’s elasticity that is responsible for these unsightly lines.

Following are the ways for lip line removal; there are invasive as well as non invasive procedures for lip line removal. The lines are not completely eradicated in most cases but they can be minimized considerably so that they are not visible easily.

  • Laser removal: erbium YAG laser is the current state of art lip line removal treatment.
  • Fillers are injected into the lines to improve them. There is 50% improvement expected with fillers.
    Fillers last for a short duration as there is lot of movement of the lips. You can expect benefit of the fillers for 6 months.
  • Lip wrinkle creams are available in stores that can lessen the lip lines considerably when applied.
  • Facial muscle toning exercises is the best and economically sound way to remove lip lines.

Lip Line Causes

  • It is due to the aging process that vertical lines appear on the lips.
  • Contracting the lips for a long time as done by smokers.
  • Loss of elasticity of lip skin.
  • Dehydration of the lips and tissue underneath.
  • Exposure to sun.
  • Wax used in lip cosmetic products such as lipsticks. When it is used for a prolonged time it dehydrates the underlying tissue of the lips. it causes to lose lip volume and subsequently vertical lip lines are formed.

Treatment for Lip Lines

Certain home remedies have spectacularly changed the outlook of many women having lip lines:

  • One of the best ways to treat lip lines is to apply almond oil on the lips and the surrounding area regularly.
  • Applying Vitamin E oil is also an effective treatment for reducing the unattractive lip lines.
  • Exfoliation of the skin of the lip is beneficial in removing the lip line to a great extent.
  • Take vitamin E capsules for some time to remove the lip lines in conjunction with other lip line therapy. Vitamin E is a great anti oxidant. It acts upon the harmful free radicals.
  • Keep your lip well hydrated. You have to drink enough water so that your lip remains hydrated and does not wrinkle.
  • Always wipe your lips with rose water to remove the lipstick. It helps to keep the lip moisturized.

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