Fraxel Laser Aftercare and Recovery Time after the Procedure

Fraxel laser is one of the new technologies that utilize lasers to provide patients with a younger, better-looking skin. However, the treatment does not stop when the session ends. There is still a lot that the patient can do to help hasten the healing process as well as to ensure that the treatment is as effective as it should be.

Fraxel Laser Aftercare

  • Aftercare is almost as important as the Fraxel laser procedure itself. The aftercare will help hasten the healing process, minimizing unwanted side effects like blistering, scarring, and infections.
  • One of the most important things to do is to keep the treated area/s clean. This can be achieved by washing the area with non-allergenic soap-free cleansers. This should be done no more than 2 times a day.
  • The patient should wash the area carefully and pat it dry lightly. Rubbing on the surface could open up or bruise the skin.
  • The skin should also be kept moist with emollients and creams. The doctor will provide these emollients and will instruct the patient on how long will these creams be used.
  • It is also very important to avoid direct exposure to the sun as the treated area is very sensitive. If it could not be avoided, the patient should apply a liberal amount of sun block.
  • The patient should also sleep well, eat well, and take all the vitamins and prescriptions that the doctor gave.

Fraxel Laser Recovery Time

  • Recovery time after a Fraxel laser procedure is quite fast. In fact, the patient need not stay in the hospital after the treatment. Often, the patient will not need much medications and are not restricted to do most activities, except those that put him/her directly under the sun – such as swimming in outdoor pools and beaches.
  • The patient will not experience a lot of downtime and could get back to work within a day, depending on the nature of that patient’s job, that is. For instance, if the job entails having to stay under the sun for long periods of time, then the patient is given a much longer time before allowed to get back to work.
  • Also, patients who will be directly exposed to harsh chemicals in their job will also have to take time off work for a longer time.
  • Still, the recovery time with this procedure is much faster than those in other types of laser procedures.

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