How to Minimize Large Pores on Face Naturally at Home

Large pores on the face can greatly affect the personality and a person. Everyone desires a smooth and glowing skin. Large and open pores on the face can be quite undesirable and ugly. They can make even the most beautiful face look unpleasant and unattractive. Large pores make you look older than you actually are.

It makes the skin look rough and neglected. There is no permanent cure for large pores on face, but there are certain home remedies that are decidedly effective in minimizing the size of the pores.

  • Wash your face daily with cold water. Do this at least two times a day. Never use hot water for your face, they make the pores larger. Use a good cleansing soap that has anti bacterial properties.
  • Never go to sleep without taking off your makeup. Use a good quality make remover and wash your face to get rid of all traces of makeup. This unclogs the pores and minimizes enlarged pores on face.
  • Exfoliation is another vital aspect of the skin care routine to reduce and effective manage enlarged pores.
    Dirt, excess of oil and dead skin cells accumulate around the pores and make them look larger than they are. Exfoliation or scrubbing using a facial scrub will clean the clogged pores of oil, grease, grime, dead skin cells, etc. and also act upon the blackheads that make the pores look enlarged. Exfoliate the skin once a week for maximum benefits.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face Naturally at Home

The best way to get rid of large pores on the face is to rub plain alcohol. Make sure you apply a moisturizer afterwards so that the skin remains moist and smooth.

Try not to touch your face with your hands. Unknowingly dirt and grease from the hand can get deposited on the face and clog the pores, thus making them unsightly.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peel are other effective options. However, they entail a visit to the dermatologist and these procedures cannot be done at home. Micro-dermabrasion makes your skin smooth and flawless. It removes dead cells from the skin and gets rid of blackheads as well.

  • Tomatoes: The most tried and tested way to minimize pores on the face naturally is applying a puree of tomatoes of the face daily and leaving on for an hour. Thereafter, rinse with warm water. Then, splash with cold water. This therapy, done for a period of 10 to 15 days will yield astounding results. Tomato pulp helps make the skin smooth and also irons out fine lines.
  • Oatmeal: If you have an oily skin, add oatmeal to the tomato pulp. Oatmeal soaks up excess oil from the skin and keeps it looking healthy and radiant.
  • Yogurt: If your skin is dry, add a generous dollop of yogurt to the tomato puree. This will moisturize the skin and seal pores effectively.
  • Ice application: Rubbing ice on your face is a quick way to minimize pores on the face naturally. However, this is merely a temporary measure; you can do this before applying makeup.
  • Baking soda: Effectively removes dirt and dead cells from the clogged pores. Apply a paste made from baking soda and water on your face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

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