Causes of Peeling Lips and Its Home Treatment Remedies

Peeling lips is common during winter, it can also happen in summer when the person is dehydrated. If you pull the dry skin on your lips, it can cause bleeding and wounds may get infected. There are two major factors that can contribute to peeling lips. These are:

  • Structure of the skin of the lip that is 4 times thinner than the skin that covers the rest of the human body.

  • The absence of glands that make oil in the lips.

  • Due to these two factors, the lips will not be able to recover the lost moisture.

  • Moisture loss is in fact the primary factor that causes the peeling of lips

  • Peeling lips can be due to exposure of summer heat or blistering cold in winter.

Peeling Lips Cause

  • Harsh weather. As mentioned, winter and summer are the season that peeling lips are rampant. And this can be due to loss of moisture in the lips which is not recovered naturally. Overexposure to sun’s heat will cause dehydration, which often leads to cracked and dry lips. This makes the lips vulnerable to peeling because there are no glands that produce oils in the lips.

  • Reaction to cosmetic products. The cosmetic products have chemicals as among their ingredients. Sometimes, women are not aware that it is the very lipstick or lip gloss that is making the lips to go dry, chapped, and peels off. Bad quality cosmetic products contain harsher chemicals.

  • Nutritional deficiency. One factor that causes peeling in the lips is inadequate nutrition, which can be derived from diet and supplements. There are vitamins and minerals that are essential in keeping the skin healthy. These include: Vitamins A, B, C, and E

Peeling Lips Treatment and Remedies

  • As diet is among the listed causes of peeling in the lips, there must be changes made to your diet.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be part of your daily diet.

  • Smoothies prepared from vegetables and fruits are a good addition to the diet.

  • Water intake must be regular and sufficient because dehydration or the loss of moisture in the lips is the primary cause of peeling in the lips.

  • Dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals may also help strengthen the skin’s vitality

  • Moisturize your lips using petroleum jelly, cocoa butter, vitamin E gel or aloe vera

  • Never lick or bite your lips as they can contribute to dehydration, drying up, and cracking up of lips.

  • Avoid or quit smoking.

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