Cost of Thermage Eye Lift and Its Treatment Procedures

Those who are tired of seeing their faces looking like raccoons or looking old because of eye bags can now enjoy a much younger and fresh face. This can be done using Thermage techniques. Thermage offers a new option that many patients prefer – it is non-invasive, very safe, and very effective.

Thermage Eye Lift

  • It is true that the eyes are among the first that another person will notice. That is the reason why countless men and women undergo Thermage procedures to enjoy youthful looking eyes, with no dark sagging eye bags marring their features.
  • This very effective procedure will help lift the skin surrounding the eyes, making them look younger again. Of course, the patient can also choose to undergo more Thermage procedures to make other parts of the face and the body look younger. That will achieve a more realistic younger looking face and body.

Thermage Eye Bags

  • Yes, sadly, eye bags can make a person look old and stressed out. Also, there are certain ethnic groups and member populations that are more prone to having these eye bags – including Japanese people.
  • The good news is that Thermage can easily take away these unsightly eye bags, making a person look fresh and more beautiful.
  • This treatment is non-invasive and only uses heat to stimulate the underlying collagen layers. No harm is done on the eyes.

Thermage Eye Treatment

  • Eye treatments using Thermage has become very popular in patients who wish to have a more strikingly beautiful face.
  • There is no need to try to conceal the sagging eye bags with makeup because these can be removed on a permanent yet very safe basis.
  • The treatment also offers a long term effect, with most patients not needed any more booster operations years after the procedure was done.

Cost and Procedure for Thermage Eye Lift


  • Costs of the procedure vary so it is best to ask the clinic and doctor for a quote to know the exact or close approximation of the prices.
  • Still, the costs are affected by:
    • The size of the treated eye bags area
    • The type of thermage technology used
    • Doctor’s fees
    • Clinic fees


  • The procedure is very easy. The physician will pass the Thermage tool on the area to the treated. Heat will be generated to stimulate the collagen to tighten.
  • A few passes of the tool is enough.
  • The patient does not have to stay in the hospital after the treatment.

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