Causes of Visible Open Pores on Nose and Ways to Reduce

Open pores on the nose are a lot more visible than those on the cheeks. Your nose is more susceptible to the development of open pores because the area around the nose has a large number of oil glands compared to any other area. Open pores on the nose can be extremely unsightly and ugly; and is often referred to as “strawberry nose”.

Also, the size of your nose tends to appear bigger than it is, when you have open and enlarged pores.

Causes of Open Pores on Nose

Here are some common causes for open pores on the nose

  • Open and large pores usually develop on the T zone of the face, i.e. it is more often seen on the forehead, nose and the chin.
  • They may appear during puberty as a consequence to hormonal changes
  • They are frequently the outcome of the process of aging; i.e. as one ages, the pores starts getting enlarged.
  • Those who have an oily and combination skin have a greater risk of developing open pores on the face and nose.
  • Heredity is one of the causes for open pores on nose too.
  • Neglect of the skin and inadequate skin cleaning and care hasten the appearance of large skin pores.
  • A large number of sebaceous glands are located around the nose; they produce excess of sebum (or oil); and dirt and grime accumulate in the pores. Blackheads and acne result when open pores are not taken care of immediately. Sun damage is another huge contributing factor.

How to Get Rid of Open Pores on Nose

Simple home remedies and tips can help in management of open pores on the nose,

  • Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for open pores on the nose. Treatments meant for open pores temporarily reduce the size of the pores and make them less visible.
  • The following home remedies help diminish the size of the pores and also greatly improve the texture of the skin:
  • An exfoliating skin toner prepared by mixing baking soda and water is very effective. It helps get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, grime and grease; and shrinks open pores as well.
  • Rub an ice cube on your nose and face after thoroughly cleaning your face with a face wash and water. Ice helps shrink enlarged nasal pores and appreciably improves the texture of the skin.
  • Apply a mixture comprising of lime juice and egg white and gently massage for five minutes. Wash off with cold water and pat it dry with a towel. Follow this routine daily to get rid of open pores on the nose.
  • A paste of lime juice, honey and rice flour is effective as well. This paste exfoliates the pores naturally, eliminates blackheads and also makes the skin smooth and radiant. Gently massage the paste for few minutes in a circular motion on the nose. Wash with warm water; and then splash with cold water.
  • Tomatoes have been touted as an excellent skin toning agent. The fruit supplies the skin with loads of antioxidants which fight free radical damage and sun damage to a very great extent.
  • Also, experts advise one to avoid acid-forming foods such as alcohol, meat, vinegar, pastas pies, tea and coffee etc. it will aid in reducing open pores on the nose.

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