Severe Itching All Over Body: Causes of Severe Itching & Rash on Body

Itching is often a symptom of a skin disorder or disease. However, it can also mean other things, including internal diseases or merely an allergic reaction to a food item or drug. It can also be caused by psychological triggers.

Severe Itching All Over Body

  • When there is severe itching

Heart Murmur in Children: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

A heart murmur is a ‘whooshing echo’ heard in-between the beats via a stethoscope. It s just an extra sound the blood produces while it flows through the heart.

A murmur is invariably identified during a routine checkup. Normal heart sounds occur when the heart valves shut.

Heart Murmur in

Hypochondriac Symptoms: Treatment and Relief for Hypochondriasis

Hypochondriac are individual who is obsessed with the idea that they suffer from a life-threatening condition which has not been diagnosed. The condition is referred to as hypochondriasis. A hypochondriac has several problems in their workplace or their personal relationships.

Hypochondriac Symptoms

Symptoms of hypochondriac include,

  1. Intense long term fear

Weight Reduction Tips and Techniques: Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Most people need constant motivation for weight reduction. The motivation does not last long with many people; we start to lose interest and therefore you must maintain the continuity.

You may come across many ideal weight reduction techniques; some may suit you while others may not.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies