Skin Removal after Weight Loss: Excess Skin Removal after Weight Loss

Skin removal after weight loss is necessary for health and hygienic reasons. Excess folds of skin would hamper movement, and it would cause skin irritation and infection. Aside from this, having those extra folds of loose and sagging skin would also make individuals look unpleasant. Often times, patients who have …

Scratchy Throat Causes: Causes and Treatment for Scratchy Throat

Scratchiness in the throat is often associated with a host of causative factors. Fortunately most of these factors can be treated effectively with simple home remedies and natural treatment.

Scratchy Throat Causes

A scratchy throat can signify a lot of things happening in the body but generally, it indicates a …

Ruptured Disc Symptoms: Simple Exercise to Treat Ruptured Disc

Ruptured Disc Symptoms

A ruptured disc ailment is simply the medical condition wherein any of the patient’s vertebrae have been herniated from its supposed position. This is also known by many names, including slipped disc and spinal disc herniation.

Ruptured Disc Symptoms

Because patients should understand their ailment so that …

Puss caterpillar sting: Ways to Treat a Caterpillar Sting with Puss

Experiencing throbbing pain, rash, and a burning sensation after accidentally getting in contact with a caterpillar? These signs and symptoms aren’t just from any type of caterpillar, but the most dangerous stinging caterpillar in the United States, the puss caterpillar. When stung with this caterpillar, it is wise to have …

Prostate Removal Surgery: Side Effects of Prostate Removal Surgery

Prostate removal surgery is medically known as ‘prostatectomy.’ It is a procedure that removes part of, or the entire, prostate gland. The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It is one of the three (3) important glands that facilitate reproduction, as it is responsible for producing the …

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids: Treat Protruding Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are found on the rectum and they help to regulate the stool. These become a problem or turn into piles when they are swollen or inflamed. Inflamed hemorrhoids may prolapse and can be very painful.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

  • A prolapsed hemorrhoid is an external hemorrhoid that is pushed

Permanent Birth Control Options: Ever Lasting Birth Control Options

Permanent Birth Control

Couples already have the right number of kids that they want may consider permanent birth control options. The same goes for single people who do not want to have kids.

Permanent Birth Control Options for Women

Tubal Ligation

This is a permanent birth control procedure for …