Olive Oil for Hair Growth: Hair Loss Treatment with Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Hair loss is normal in people. The normal cycle of the growth of a normal person’s hair often lasts for two to three years, and it is quite normal to shed a few strands of hair every day. However, there are some people who experience …

Nose Piercing Bump: Causes and Treatment for Bumps after Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Bump

A nose piercing offers the individual a nice place to show off an equally nice piece of jewelry. However, this is also a common place to have bumps that look unsightly. What causes these bumps to occur and can these be treated?

Nose Piercing Bump

  • A bump

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men and Women

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men and Women

Testosterone is a primarily male sex hormone produce by the testes but is also found in women. In women, it is created in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Having normal levels of testosterone in the body has a direct effect on the sexual …

Non Surgical Face Lifts: Benefits of Laser Face Lifts

Non-Surgical Facelifts

Traditional face-lifts are very invasive procedures that require a great deal of downtime. Patients who are looking for an alternative to this procedure can make use of its non-surgical alternatives.

Non Surgical Face Lifts Do They Work?

Theoretically, they should and for the many men and women who …

Multifocal Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons of Multifocal Contact Lenses

People reaching their 40s may experience significant changes in their eyesight. The need to focus clearly on objects held closely becomes an apparent barrier to one’s vision. This condition, known as presbyopia, is a normal occurrence among people reaching their prime.

While reading glasses is the usual course of action, …

Morning Exercise Benefits: Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

Morning Exercise Benefits

Doing exercise daily is a good habit. Still, doing the exercises in the morning actually has many advantages over doing them at other times of the day.

Morning Exercise Benefits

The following are just some of the benefits of doing exercises during mornings:

  • Establishing a daily routine

Mini Face Lift: Cost and Recovery Time for Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lifts

Also known as Weekend Facelifts or Quick Lifts, are procedures that give clients a younger look without having the significant downtime of a regular lift.

Some of the benefits of this procedure over others include:

  • It is a minor procedure

  • It is done outpatient

  • Patients see results

Milk of Magnesia: Benefits of Magnesium Hydroxide for Skin

Milk of Magnesia

Also referred to as magnesium hydroxide, this inorganic compound has a certain milk-like appearance, from which it has earned its name. It’s commonly used in antacids because of its ability to neutralize stomach acid and also as antiperspirant in deodorants. Other uses of this compound include:

  • Cure