Causes of Rashes and How to Get Rid Of Body Rash Naturally

Rashes are tiny clusters of dots or large patches on the skin that are characterized by soreness, itchiness, stinging, and painless sensations.

Common Causes of Rashes

Rashes are commonly caused by the following:

  • Allergic reaction to irritants such as poison ivy, chemicals present in detergents, and other external allergy-causing stimuli.

Cold Shower after Workout: Benefits and Side Effects of Hot or Cold Shower

Pros (Benefits) of Hot or Cold Shower after Workout

  • Body experts and medical professionals believe that cold water can be a real shock to the body, which has been exposed to heat. Hence, lukewarm water is more suitable, allowing the body to slowly recover its normal temperature.
  • Other health and

Aching Legs at Night: Causes and Home Remedies for Legs Pain in Night

People who experience aching legs at night often complain of a few symptoms that include discomfort, cramping, prickling sensations, burning sensations, and tingling feelings. This often leads to sleepless nights and days where they are feeling fatigued from lack of sleep.

Causes of Aching Legs at Night

What causes aching …

Scratched Eye Symptoms: Treatment, Home Remedies for Scratched Cornea

Scratched Cornea Symptoms

Scratched eye symptoms are actually pretty easy to identify if an adult is experiencing it yourself. So what are these symptoms?

Also called scratched cornea or abrasion in the cornea, the symptoms that come with the condition are as follows:

  • A feeling of constantly having something