Hoarseness in Children: Causes and Treatment for Hoarseness in Babies

Hoarseness in children is a vocal condition where kids experience difficulty in making a sound, speaking is accompanied with change in voice tone and quality, the throat is scratchy, and they become breathy.

Causes of Hoarseness in Babies

  • Congenital causes such as laryngomalacia where the soft upper esophagus collapses inward

Bad Or Foul Ear Smell: Causes, Home Remedies For Ear Smell, Odordr

The human ear is not just a flap of skin and cartilage, as many people believe, but it is nature’s skilful craftsmanship, delicately engineered for purpose of hearing sound. It also helps keep the equilibrium of our body. As with any other body organ, disorders of the ear are common, …

Shoulder Blade Muscle Spasm: Treat Left, Right Shoulder Muscle Strain

Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of skeletal muscle cells, which are attributed to a host of factors. They occur abruptly and are generally painful, but they resolve immediately. As with any muscles, shoulder blade muscle spasm can also occur.

There are several muscles attached to the shoulder blade which include …

Abdominal Pain During Periods: Causes, Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Dysmenorrhea is defined as the occurrence of painful cramps during menstruation. Abdominal pain during monthly periods is a natural  phenomenon.  Some amount of abdominal pain, abdominal cramps and discomfort are a common occurrence across women of all age groups. Abdominal pain & cramps are experienced more during the first day …

Jaundice During Pregnancy: Diet For Pregnant Women With Jaundice

One of the problems pregnant women may suffer during pregnancy is jaundice. Jaundice during pregnancy is an ailment that is characterized by the yellowing of the person’s skin and the whites of her eyes.

Causes Of Jaundice During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman has jaundice, there are often a few …