Symptoms Of Nickel Allergy: Herbal Remedies For Allergic Reactions

Nickel is a white silvery metal often used in many industrial and cosmetic products, coins, batteries, jewelry chains and rings, watchbands and frames of eye glasses. Repeated and prolonged exposure to nickel containing articles can result in nickel allergy symptoms. It is also termed as contact allergy dermatitis.

Nickel Allergy

Metal Allergy Symptoms: Home Remedies For Allergic Reaction To Metals

Allergic contact dermatitis is the most common form of metal allergy symptoms. Nickel and copper are the most popular metal allergies among people who are sensitive to these metals. Most of the jewelry below 18 carats contains nickel as its element. These people are unable to wear jewelry in their …

Symptoms Of Seafood Allergy: Home Remedy For Seafood Allergic Reaction

In USA and other developed countries, seafood allergy is the most common cause of food allergy. At least 80 to 85% of true food allergies are caused by seafood, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish in adults and teenagers.

Incidences of seafood allergy symptoms are higher in countries where the staple …

Titanium Allergy Symptoms | Natural Cures For Allergic Reactions

Titanium allergy affects almost 4% of the population. Titanium allergy symptoms can occur due to the metal itself or due to the chemical titanium dioxide, widely used in medications, confectioneries and cosmetics. The metal titanium is used in ear piercing, jewelry, and body implants such as dental implants.

Symptoms Of

Symptoms Of Chocolate Allergy: Home Treatment For Allergic Reaction

Adults and children alike passionately eat and crave chocolate. But there are many who are afraid to taste chocolate, if you further ask them, they will narrate you stories of how they got undesirable chocolate allergy symptoms.

The largest part of chocolate is made up of cocoa. There are many …

Symptoms Of Iodine Allergy: Home Remedies For Allergic Reactions

Iodine, relatively a rare element is primarily utilized by our body to produce hormones such as thyroxin by the thyroid glands. However in rare cases, few people can have iodine allergy.

Iodine is found in sea food especially shellfish, shrimps and other fishes. Those who are allergic to shellfish and …