Simple Home Treatment for Itchy Hands and Feet During Pregnancy

There are many problems faced by a woman during pregnancy, itchy feet is one such annoying problem which causes great deal of discomfort for a pregnant woman. Some women experience severe itching during pregnancy while in other’s the condition may not be so severe. The most common cause of itching …

Advice on How to Effectively Stop Severe Anal Itching

The intensity of irritation depends upon the cause and in severe cases may result in burning and soreness which may also manifest in the form of difficult to sit and difficulty in walking. There are certain simple remedies and home based treatment options to manage the condition effectively.

Causes of

Preventing Swimmer’s Itch and Holistic Cure with Home Remedies

Swimmer’s Itch is a medical condition caused by certain microscopic parasites. These parasites thrive in various bodies of water – freshwater and marine water alike.

Swimmers Itch Symptoms

  • The condition is characterized by red welts and raised rashes that could be very itchy. These rashes and welts develop immediately, after