How to Diagnose Symptoms of Aspergers in Children for Its Treatments

Aspergers in children was first identified by an Austrian doctor named Hans Asperger in 1944. It took many years for its recognition in medical fraternity as a separate entity. Aspergers in children is a type of developmental disorder where the child does not socialize or communicate with others. It is difficult for him to mingle with others socially.

He prefers routine and finds difficulty in adapting to any change. Medical fraternity considers Aspergers as a milder form of Autism, which has similar traits but a milder version. Both Aspergers and autism are considered as pervasive developmental disorder. The exact etiology of Aspergers is not known and the condition remains for lifelong, although children can improve over a period of time.

Aspergers in Children Symptoms

The symptoms are usually noticed when the child attains three years. The symptoms may be variable from one child to another. So no two children are alike even though they may be suffering from the same syndrome.

  • They lack the skill of making others understand their view. They are not able to understand and conceptualize others feelings.
    Due to this they withdraw themselves socially and avoid contacts with their counterparts.
  • Asperger child will not like any change from his routine. There is fixity in his mind. He is stubborn.
  • The child wants to stay alone and avoids mixing and playing with his friends.
  • It is difficult for him to understand social formalities and practices. For e.g. staring at others without any reason.
  • The way he speaks may lack tone and accent.
  • He may have unusual facial expression and body posture lacking in coordination.
  • The handwriting is poor and lack of development of other skills.
  • The child throws temper tantrums.
  • He has limited field of interest. It may be one or two.
  • He does not like loud noise or bright lights.
  • He does not understand humor or finds hard to understand what others say.
  • In young adulthood he suffers from anxiety and depression.

There is no specific cure for Aspergers syndrome; however there are techniques such as behavior therapy which can improve the quality of life.

Is There any Treatment for Aspergers in Children?

Certain herbs and alternative therapies can be complemented with behavior therapy for optimum result.

  • Food rich in vitamin B complex and vitamin C.
  • Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids also helps.
    • St. Johns wort: since centuries this herb is effectively tried for mental and emotional well being.
    • Mellissa officinalis: soothe and calms the mind. It is helpful in children with temper tantrums.
    • Cina: it is a homeopathic remedy, especially for an excessively irritable child with temper tantrums. Its use also makes him less stubborn.
    • Passiflora is another homeopathic remedy that helps to balance the emotions. It is considered to be a nervine tonic and give a good sound sleep.
    • Chamomilla also soothes the irritability in a child.
    • As children with Aspergers mature slowly as compared to their counterparts so do not expect them to act according to their age or else they will feel more depressed and inferior.

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