What are the Causes of Skin Tags in Children & Its Treatment Procedure

Skin tags to some are not at all pleasant to look at especially if these are found in exposed areas. Some people also complain of being embarrassed when other people touch them because of the presence of these skin tags. However, skin tags can be located in other areas where it can be quite a discomfort to the affected individual.

  • Children, especially infants are prone to developing skin tags.
  • Children and toddlers often develop skin tags in common areas such as the underarm and neck.
  • Other areas where skin tags can grow include the upper eyelids, buttock folds, groin folds, underarms, or in areas where skin rubs against skin or clothing.
  • Skin tags are not present at birth but they can occur as the child grows up.
  • Skin tags are often the same color as the child’s skin or it can also be a brown color.
  • Skin tag can be tiny in size or can grow up to the size of a small ball.

Perianal Skin Tags in Children

  • Perianal skin tags are not common but this doesn’t mean they are uncommon either.
  • These are skin tags that grow in the perianal area.
  • Though the growth doesn’t cause any discomfort, cleanliness becomes a problem.
  • Any dirt can get trapped under the skin tag and can cause irritation or itching.

Rectal Skin Tags in Children

  • These are skin tags that are grow at the skin at the exit of the rectum.
  • This is not a problem and usually does not cause any symptoms.
  • For this type of skin tags, cleanliness may become a problem when fecal debris gets trapped under the tag when wiping or cleaning in one direction.
  • Irritation from trapped fecal debris may cause itching and subsequent discomfort.
  • This type of skin tag does not usually cause pain.

What Causes Skin Tags in Children?

  • Skin tags are caused when skin is exposed to frequent rubbing or friction.
  • Skin tags are often seen in children who are obese or overweight.
  • Presence of extra skin from overweight or obese children makes it prone for skin tag development.
  • The exact cause of skin tags is unknown.

Treatment Procedure for Skin Tags

  • Skin tags do not have to be treated because they do not cause a problem medically.
  • One method of treatment that parents can opt for is removal of the skin tag especially when it comes too big, conspicuous, or bothersome.
  • Before removal can be done, a dermatologist has to examine the child’s skin as well as the tags in order to determine whether the child can undergo the procedure.


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