Causes of Painful Bowel Movements in Toddlers and Its Treatments

Painful bowel movement is a common problem among toddlers. Constipation is frequently the cause in children, though there are many other reasons that can cause pain in the stomach while passing stools. To describe constipation among toddlers is quiet tricky, normally bowel movement once a day is considered to be normal for children and adults.

Fewer bowel movements so to say three times in a week with very hard feces that are difficult to pass, can be considered as constipation in a toddler. Many times due to pain during a bowel movement, the child avoids going to toilet and thus invites more trouble. Parents of such children have to remain alert to avoid constipation. Fortunately, there are many remedies that can effectively cure this problem.

Indigestion is the next most common cause for painful passing of stools among toddlers. If the child has eaten fast food, sweets, processed food or spicy food it is possible that these foods can upset his stomach. Food poisoning and diarrhea are also responsible for painful bowel movements.

With each loose motion the child experiences pain in his abdomen, especially before voiding stools.

Frequent passing of extreme hard feces can cause cracks and cuts in the anal region. This condition is called anal fissure. Though rare among toddlers, sometime it can happen. Fissure is very painful condition, it makes the child to toss while passing even soft stool. Frequently, the stools are streaked with blood.

Many times children of two years and above are more interested in playing and in the course they avoid going to bathroom and hold their stools.

Lack of fiber in diet and decreased water intake can cause hard stools that are difficult to pass and can result into pain while passing stool.

Intestinal parasites are also responsible for painful bowel movements. A toddler infested with intestinal worms often complains of pain the abdomen while passing stools.

Treatment for Painful Bowel Movement n Babies

Treating painful bowel movements in babies and toddlers may be different, especially for constipation. Babies usually eat semisolid and liquid food, adding roughage and fiber is quiet difficult. On the other hand adding fiber foods in a toddler’s diet is more comforting in curing constipation. You can give mashed fruits and food that can become roughage for small babies to relieve constipation. Usually babies who are breast fed are less constipated than formula fed babies.

If the cause is fissure, you can apply petroleum jelly around the anus. It helps to relieve the pain while passing stools.

A gentle massage just below the navel with your finger tips can ease the bowel movements.

Increase the amount of water your baby is drinking. This will also help to keep the baby’s stool soft and relieve constipation.

If the cause is food poisoning among toddlers, you may need to consult a pediatrician. He may prescribe medications to relieve diarrhea, vomiting and pain in the abdomen. Meanwhile at home you can give apple juice, buttermilk etc to the child.

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