Causes Of Rashes On Baby’s Neck: Symptoms And Home Remedies

The skin of infants and new born baby is tender, smooth and supple. It is prone to all sorts of rashes, especially in folds of neck, elbow, thigh etc. Rashes in neck area are common. Rash on neck is a common condition for which most parents take their child to a skin specialist.

Skin rash on neck area can be of several types. However, most of them do not cause much harm and they vanish after few days. Neck rash is more common in first 4 to 5 months. The baby is not able to lift his head properly as the skin remains folded. Rubbing of skin, moisture, heat and friction all together trigger skin rash around baby’s neck.

What Causes Rashes On Baby’s Neck?

Several factors are responsible for rash on baby’s neck. Some types of rashes may appear solely on neck area, while there are few other types which may also develop on folds of armpit, diaper area etc. Common causes of rash on baby’s neck are:

  • Rash in neck area is more common for first few months of life.
    It occurs because the neck area is chubby and plump. It forms folds of skin which rub against each other. Friction, too much of moisture present in folds are causative factors for rash in neck area. The skin in this area remains chubby till the baby lifts his head which may take few months.
  • Rash due to fungus infection is common among infants and babies. Too much of moisture, perspiration, in skin folds of neck becomes healthy ground for Candida to thrive. Yeast infection is common cause of rash in neck area.
  • Prickly heat in summer season is common form of rash in neck and other areas of body. The heat of summer season irritates tender skin of the child. It appears as small red itchy bumps.
  • Stork bites are small pink spots on neck but they are present since birth. Actually they are not rashes but blood vessels collected in one spot of dermal layer of skin. This spots fade within few months after birth without any treatment.

Rashes On Baby’s Neck Symptoms

Rashes in neck area in babies may not be dangerous to health but they are annoying for the baby. Almost all types of rashes in neck are itchy. There may be fluid of pus oozing out from some types of rash. Rash around neck is discomforting for the baby, especially when it itches and burns.

When pus is present in the area, it signals of infection. Sometimes there is foul smell from the rash area. Often this is an indication of yeast infection.

Home Remedies To Treat Rash On Baby’s Neck

Most rashes around neck in babies clear up without any treatment within few days. However, during this period the baby is extremely uncomfortable due to itching and burning sensation. There are several home remedies to relieve the child’s discomfort.

  • Keep your child in cool environment as too much of heat will cause perspiration in the skin folds and trigger skin rashes.
  • Clean the area with water once in a day with clean and soft cloth.
  • Do not cover baby’s neck with synthetic cloth or fabric. It will irritate the skin around the neck.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder gently around the affected area. It reduces friction between skin folds of neck and absorbs perspiration. Use talcum powder specially made for tender skin of babies.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the area. Prepare sandalwood paste by mixing sandalwood powder with rose water. Apply once or two times in a day. It is especially useful in alleviating itching and burning sensation in rashes of prickly heat.