How to Stop Kids From Putting Fingers in their Mouth?

How to Break the Habit of Finger Sucking

Thumb sucking is commonly seen on infants or children. This is absolutely normal to infants as this is part of their routine to find ease and calm themselves. They can become thumb sucker within the first few months of their lives because this is their way to fall asleep, to calm themselves down or they just find it gratifying.

Normally a child at the age of two to four starts to develop other coping mechanisms afar from thumb sucking. These coping skills substitute the need for children to thumb suck. However, some children find it hard to quit this kind of habit which then leads to a bigger problem.

Thumb sucking is a habit that is hard to break. It is vital that parents are supportive of their children and non-threatening. Every child needs support and positive reinforcement in order to help them break their habit.

Tips to Stop Children from Finger Sucking

Children who have the habit of sucking their thumbs or fingers could be bad because this can cause speech and dental problems.

Before this can become a problem, it is advisable that mothers have to stop their children from it. Here are some few tips to follow.

  • Wait until the child has past toddlerhood. Toddlers still suck their thumbs or fingers as a normal extension of the sucking needs they had on their babyhood. Most children will stop the habit at the age of four.
  • Start working on their habit before their permanent teeth start to come out.
  • Offer the child activities that will keep their hands busy. In this way, they will not think of putting their thumbs in their mouths.
  • Encourage children to talk as this will prevent them from sucking their fingers.
  • Explain to them in simple terms the reason why they need to stop thumb sucking.

Ways to Help Children from Thumb Sucking

  • Thumb sucking is threatening if the children continue to do this after the age of four. Most parents are pressured to get their children to stop thumb sucking. They try a lot of things however none of these seemed to work.
  • The habit-breaking crib is a preventive measure to keep children away from thumb sucking. This is a small device that is placed in the upper front teeth of children. This helps break the pressure if the children are sucking.
  • Another way to help the children to stop the habit of thumb sucking is by clearly explaining to them the reasons why they need to stop it. In this way, the kids would understand the consequences if they do not stop the habit.

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