Natural Ways of Cleaning The Inner Ear Wax at Home

Ear cleaning seems like a minor procedure that can be done by just anyone. While it may seem so simple, not everyone is cleaning their ears effectively or in the right manner. In fact, individuals who clean their ears just for the sake of cleaning it, often experience ear complications.

Ear Cleaning at Home

  • There are various methods for cleaning the ear.
  • Ear cleaning can be done at a doctor’s office/clinic or it can be done at home.
  • It is important to note that though the ears need to be cleaned, ear wax plays an important role for the ear.
  • Ear wax helps coat the ear so that any foreign objects can trapped just outside the ear canal without harming the ear.
  • Ear wax also helps prevent microorganisms from entering the ear and causing infections.
  • In fact, the ears do not need to be cleaned everyday nor do people need to clean the inner ear.
  • Ear wax from the inner ear emerges on its own into the outer ear where it can be removed naturally.
  • Cleaning the inner ear usually results in ear wax impaction causing hearing problems and even infection.
  • A lot of complications in the ear have occurred to improper cleaning of the ears or due to too much cleaning.
  • When wanting to clean the ears effectively, it must be cleaned in the right manner.

How to Clean Ears Naturally

There are natural ways to clean the ears effectively.

Cleaning of the outer ears

  • Outer ear cleaning can be done safely everyday.
  • Use a soft and damp cloth with a small amount of very mild soap.
  • Using the cloth, wipe the inside area of the outer ear.
  • Rinse the cloth and then wipe again to remove any soap residue.
  • Do this again for the other ear.
  • Ear wax removed from the outer ear actually comes from the wax that naturally emerged from the inner ear.
  • It is important to clean the outer ear of ear wax to avoid blackheads from forming in the ears.

Cleaning of the Inner Ears

  • The inner ear is a delicate structure but can also produce a lot of earwax that needs to be cleaned.
  • In cleaning the inner ears, a thin cleaning object such as a cotton tip should not be used.
  • Using a cotton tip to clean the inner ears only pushes the wax further causing impaction.
  • A natural solution of salt water applied to the ear in a few drops can help loosen ear wax.
  • A few drops of salt water should be applied to the ear.
  • Allow the drops to work for a few minutes before lying ear-side down on the towel.
  • Let the solution drain.
  • Repeat the procedure again for the other ear.
  • Other natural products include ear drops or oils that help in loosening ear wax for irrigation.

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