Symptoms Of Ear Piercing Infection: What Are Its Home Remedies?

Infection is a common occurrence, especially when you pierce metal through flesh. Infection due to microorganisms can affect the ear, especially following an ear piercing. This article provides information about the different signs and symptoms which may be indicative of an ear infection and the various home remedies and natural treatment options that can help get rid of infection due to ear piercing.

Ear piercing can lead to infection due to entry of microorganisms like bacteria or fungi into the skin tissue. These microorganisms act as antigens, which triggers or activate the body’s immune system. This results in signs and symptoms of inflammation and may be associated with offensive and greenish discharge.

While precautions need to be followed during an ear piercing activity, invariably the condition is associated with infection. It is important to identify the symptoms associated with ear piercing in order to be able to get rid of the condition before it spreads to other organs.

While in most cases all necessary precautions are taken in order to avoid an ear piercing infection, a host of factors like the health status, age, environmental conditions, etc can contribute towards triggering an ear piercing infection.

Signs And Symptoms Of Infected Ear Piercing

Ear piercing can be associated with a host of signs and symptoms. The symptoms may either be localized or may be associated with systemic symptoms. Some of the common signs and symptoms include,

  • The pierced ear may appear angry red and hot and shiny. The ear may be associated with severe pain which is typically throbbing and pulsating in nature.
  • A typical yellowish or greenish discharge may be observed through the pierced portion of the ear. The discharge may have a typical offensive and putrid odor. Occasionally the discharge may be associated with bleeding.
  • The pain and swelling can spread to the surround region resulting in enlargement of the lymph-nodes behind the ears and around the neck.
  • Systemic symptoms may include body ache, nausea, fever with chills, etc.

Home Remedies For Ear Piercing Infection

It is important that you don’t remove the jewelry, as this can spread the infection to deeper tissues of the body. While keeping the jewelry on, here are some simple home based treatments help you get rid of ear piercing infection,

  • It is recommended to clean the pierced ear about three to four times a day with saline water. Add about half a spoon of salt in a warm cup of water. Use a clean cotton cloth to dap this solution on the infected area around the ear. This will help remove the discharge and the dirt that may have accumulated around the jewelry.
  • Usually hydrogen peroxide is considered useful to deal with ear infections, however when the jewelry is still inside the ear, using hydrogen peroxide is not recommended. Hydrogen peroxide can react with the jewelry and produce harmful chemicals, which can be detrimental.
  • Local application of turmeric paste is also very useful. Turmeric not only has antimicrobial properties but is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent and can help alleviate the pain and swelling.

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