Reasons For Constant Ear Popping: Natural Ways To Stop It

By and large, people traveling by air experience uncomfortable and painful ear popping. It may also occur whilst ascending or coming down from a high altitude, or whilst you are underwater. Here’s why your ears tend to pop; and what you can do to prevent and / or manage it successfully.

When the air pressure around you gets altered suddenly, (i.e. whilst flying, climbing to or descending from a high altitude, or diving underwater) the pressure in the cavity inside the ear, posterior to the ear drum must change with it, as well.

However, occasionally, this does not happen, and the variation in pressure between the cavity and the outside of the ear can be exceedingly painful. When you do something that opens up the Eustachian tube leading in to the cavity (like yawning), your ear will ‘pop’ when the variation in the pressure gets equalized.

Natural Ways To Stop Constant Ear Popping

You could try these easy techniques to manage ear popping:

  • Occasionally, the Eustachian tube may not open up by itself if there is an inflammatory condition such as a cold or an allergic rhinitis.
    If you experience a nose and ear block before changing altitudes or diving, you need to manage your nasal congestion prior to that. Experts recommend gargling with hot water to which salt and turmeric powder has been added. Also, a ginger tea affords excellent and quick results. Steam is another wonderful remedy. This will help manage the inflammation, swelling and allergy effectively. In extreme cases, you could use a mild nasal spray. It opens up the Eustachian tube, and does not give you more medication than you require.
  • In order to prevent the ear from popping constantly, you must stop the difference in pressure from building up. The best way is to continually pop your ears on purpose. Opening up the Eustachian tube intentionally permits air to come or escape in to the ear from the posterior aspect of the nose and upper throat. You could chew gum, suck on a candy, or drink; it will keep you swallowing and help keep the Eustachian tube open.
  • Yawning helps get rid of ear popping. Hold the yawn at the full open position and twist the jaw from side to side; repeat as often as required. Also, place your index finger about ½ an inch in to the ear canal and press steadfastly towards the top and back of the head as you yawn. This definitely helps open up the ear.
  • Pinch your nose and blow very gently. This helps you to pop the ears and get rid of the unpleasant sensation quickly.
  • Hold your ears shut. This will help reduce the variation in pressure, and the air will slowly move out.
  • Breathing right also helps. Breathe in deeply and hold for about 5 seconds, then breathe out again. This affords relief.

In case the discomfort is severe, or if it persists for more than a couple of hours, you need medical attention; do not neglect. You must confer with a doctor if you experience any discharge from the ear or have fever.

Also, another thing to bear in mind is to start the precautionary techniques when you experience the very first feeling of pressure buildup.

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