How To Make Garlic Oil Ear Drops And Use For Ear Infection Remedy

Ear infections are relative common disorders and occur due to wide range of reasons. One of the most common causes of ear pain is infection, which is associated with other symptoms like pain while swallowing, swelling and reduced hearing ability. Garlic oil is considered to be a good home remedy for management of ear infections and other symptoms related to it.

While using garlic oil is simple, it is important to know the right technique of how to use it for the treatment of ear infection and other ailments of the ear canal.

Garlic oil has potent anti-bacterial properties, which are helpful not only in treating ear infection but also play a vital role in alleviating symptoms associated with ear infection like pain, swelling and reduced hearing ability.

There are different techniques of using garlic oil for ear infection which have been described below. While internal consumption of garlic flakes is also considered to be effective, it should be avoided in individual already on blood thinning medications. It should also be avoided in individuals planning to undergo a major surgery or who suffer from blood disorders.

How To Make Garlic Oil Ear Drops?

There are several different techniques of making garlic oil for using it to treat ear infections.

  • Heat oil and freshly crushed garlic in a bowl for a few minutes, till the mixture becomes slightly warm. Allow the mixture to cool down and then pour it into the ear using a dropper or a Q tip. It is important to ensure that the oil is used within couple of days, in order for it to be effective in management of ear infection.
  • Alternatively add garlic cloves to a cup of oil and add the solution into a jar. Seal the jar tightly and store it in a dry and cool place for about a week. After a week you can use this oil to treat ear infections. This technique allows the garlic oil to remain effective for longer duration and you can continue using this oil for about a week after its preparation.
  • Boil garlic cloves in a cup of olive oil for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution after boiling, ideally using cheesecloth. After straining the solution store the mixture in a jar and seal it tightly. Place the jar in a refrigerator. The garlic oil prepared using this technique can remain effective for as long as three weeks.

How To Use Garlic Oil For Ear Infection Remedy?

Add a couple of drops of garlic oil using a dropper to the infected ear. Alternatively you can pour a few drops into the ear. Place a cotton swab on the ear gently in order to prevent the oil from draining out. It is recommended that one should use this oil every two hours for sustained relief. Follow these precautions before using garlic oil for ear infection,

  • Ensure that the oil is not too hot neither too cold before using it. Using too hot or too cold garlic oil can cause syncope.
  • Don’t use garlic oil if you suspect that the ear drum is ruptured.
  • Ensure that you use sterilized jar and sterilized dropper to treat ear infection. If the pain persists, consult your physician immediately.

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