Causes and Natural Remedies for Treating Bleeding from Ear

Remedies for Bleeding from Ear

There are several remedies or treatments that can be used for bleeding ears. It should be noted that the kind of remedy that will be used depends on what is causing the bleeding. Patients should also be careful during the treatment process to avoid complications that can lead to deafness and other serious illness.

  • Basically, the body has the capacity to heal itself. This holds true for ruptured ear drums which is a major cause of bleeding from ear. This will usually take a few weeks and during this time patients should make sure to keep the ear canal clean and moisture–free. When symptoms persist after several weeks, it is best to consult a doctor.
  • If the bleeding is caused by infection due to bacteria, then the best remedy is antibiotics. But it should be taken into account that antibiotics have side effects.
  • Some infections that cause the ear to bleed can be remedied with natural treatments. This is true if the infection is still in its first stages.
    One of the most widely-used natural remedy is garlic oil.
  • Ear Drops and Oral Decongestants. Homemade ear drops can be used when the cause of the bleeding does not involve ruptured ear drums. Patients can mix half a portion of rubbing alcohol and half a portion of white vinegar and put it on a medicine dropper. The solution can help clean the ears and kill bacteria and fungi.

Causes of Bleeding from Ear

  • Trauma. Poking the ear canal with any hard or sharp object like a hair clip can cause trauma that leads to bleeding ears. Accidents that cause trauma to the head and fracture to the base of the skull can also cause bleeding ears.
  • Otitis Externa or commonly known as swimmer’s ear. This is a condition that happens when the skin of the ear canal is irritated. It would cause severe pain and at often times bleeding.
  • Otitis Media. This is an infection in the middle ear which often leads to a raptured eardrum.
  • Chronic Otitis Externa and Chronic Otitis Media
  • Mastoiditis. A condition wherein the mastoid bone gets infected. This bone is located behind the outer ear.
  • When the ear canal or middle ear has tumors or polyps, bleeding will often occur.
  • Vascular malformation that happens in the middle ear.
  • Raptured eardrums can cause bleeding. Besides ear infections and trauma, eardrums can rupture due to very loud noise and barotrauma or sudden changes in altitude.
  • Cancer of the ear canal.
  • Eczema
  • Fungi

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