Natural Remedies For Water In The Ear: Swimmers Ear Home Remedy

The Human ear is crafted in such a way that it is difficult for water to enter the ear easily. The narrow ear canal and wax built up, which protect inner parts of the ear, prevent bacteria and dust particles from entering the ear easily.

However, when you have a bath or when you swim, there are chances that water may seep through the ear wax and get trapped in the narrow ear canal and constrict it.

This may result in ear pain or hearing difficulty.

Water In Ear Home Remedies

  • In circumstances mentioned above the best natural remedy for water in the ear, is to allow the water to trickle out on its own after some time. However, ensure that you do not have water in ear canal for a long time, as it may lead to an infection.
  • A simple remedy for water in ear is; to pull the pinna of the affected ear gently and tilt your head horizontally to the ground. Water trapped in the ear will automatically trickle down.
  • Sleep sideways with the affected ear resting on the pillow. Due to gravity water will drain out from the ear naturally.
  • Chewing gum often helps to remove water in the ears. It is the jaw movement while chewing gum that does the trick.
  • Hold a hair dryer at a safe distance from your ear, at its lowest setting, blow normal air to dry the water in ear.  Please do not blow hot air as it may damage your ear. Please do not use a hair dryer if your ear drum is perforated.

Natural Remedies For Swimmers Ear

  • If, water remains in ear for days, it may cause ear pain and sometimes a watery discharge or thick discharge. These are signs of an infection and in such cases; a few drops of garlic juice will work wonders. You may also use garlic oil instead of garlic juice.  Garlic is considered to be an effective anti septic and anti inflammatory natural remedy for ear pain.
  • Mix alcohol and vinegar in equal proportions & put a few drops of this mixture into the affected ear, it will help dry the water after some time. This is also an effective home remedy for water in ears.

Wear good fitting ear plugs before getting into the pool to prevent water in ear from swimming.

Please consult your physician in case the problem of water in ear persists.

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