Benefits of Flutter Kicks: Muscles Which Get Targeted With Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are workout exercise that helps to strengthen your core muscles of abdomen as well as the hip muscles. Actually this exercise is similar to freestyle kick swimmer do to propel their body forward, but the only difference here is it is performed on dry land surface. There is no propulsion as in swimming.

Flutter kicks can be performed by lying on back or on abdomen. If you want to shape and tone your lower part of body, flutter kicks are the best form of exercise. It helps to shed off extra fat from your abdomen, thigh and hip.

How to Do Flutter Kicks:

Flutter kick is easy to perform. It does not require any particular gym equipment except a mat.

  • Lie down on the mat facing up. Keep your legs straight and extended.
  • Keep both your hands underneath the buttocks.
  • Now lift one leg to the hip height keeping the lower back to the ground.
  • Lift the second leg and rhythmically flutter your legs up and down.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times.
  • For a variation, you can cross the leg instead of up and down motion.

The above mentioned method is classic traditional flutter kicks. You can also do prone flutter kicks where you have to lie on the abdomen instead of the back on the gym mat.

Muscles That Get Worked Out with Flutter Kicks:

Flutter kicks target several muscles of lower body. It helps to strengthen the muscles of abdomen; rectus abdominis and rectus oblique the side muscles that helps to stabilize the body. Another set of muscles that work during the exercise are hip flexors and muscles of buttocks. Thigh muscles or quadriceps and calf muscles are also involved during the exercise.

Benefits of Flutter Kicks:

Here are 8 amazing benefits of flutter kicks. You can include this exercise in your daily routine for several benefits.

  1. Reduces abdominal fat: Flutter kick is excellent exercise to reduce belly fat. This exercise can effectively burn belly fat as the core muscles of abdomen are worked up during the exercise.
  2. Burns 50 to 100 calories: Flutter kick is an important calorie burner. Depending on the duration of exercise and body weight, approximately 50 to 100 calories is burned while doing this exercise. It almost amounts to 20 minutes of walking.
  3. Women can tone their lower body: Flutter kick is fabulous way to tone your lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh and leg. This occurs because most muscles that are involved are lower body muscles.
  4. Tones your abdomen: Working out flutter kicks for five minutes in a day helps to burn out calories from your abdomen. It tones the muscles of abdomen and makes your stomach appear tighter.
  5. Improves flexibility: It improves flexibility of hip joint and lower legs. It can thus be included as a warm up exercise.
  6. Makes the leg stronger: Flutter kicks not only sculpt your leg and lower body, it also strengthens your leg. This is more important for athletes and swimmer for their efficient performance.
  7. Posture improvement: It helps to correct your posture if you are slouching or bending.
  8. Reduces back pain: If your back pain is the result of back muscles spasm, give a try to flutter kicks before you pop up pain killer pill. While doing flutter kick your abdomen muscles are contracted and the back muscles are stretched. The stretching of back muscles relaxes if they are strained and contracted. Performing for few days will bring about improvement in pain in back, if the reason is spasm.

Performing flutter kicks in right way is much more important than doing many sets and repetition. So if you are interested in reshaping and toning your lower body, there is nothing better than flutter kicks.