Lower and Upper Chest Workouts at Home without Weights

People can actually achieve their desired body shape and weight without having to go to a fitness center. These can be achieved at home – as long as the person has the right equipment, determination, and the correct goal. Of course, it is also good to know the correct exercise techniques to achieve a certain goal.

  • To make chest workouts effective, it is best to understand the nature of the chests. The chest is comprised of 2 muscles – the pectoralis major (which covers most of the chest) and the pectoralis minor (which is directly beneath the pectoralis major). These cover different areas of the chest and perform different functions.
  • To make exercise work well, it is best to identify which of these muscles are being worked out in a particular exercise.

Chest Workouts at Home without Weights

  • Pushups. These exercises can help tone the chest muscles as well as the triceps and shoulders.
  • Chest press. This helps trim the fats and firm up the chest muscles.

Easy Chest Workouts at Home

  • Pullover. This exercise will work on the pectoralis minor. To do this exercise, the following steps should be followed:
    • Lie on a bench or floor, face up with the knees bent. The arms should be vertically straight.
    • Hold the dumbbells above the chest, with the palms facing each other.
    • The arms should be kept straight as the dumbbells are lowered towards the back of the head.
    • The arms are then raised to starting position.

Lower and Upper Chest Workouts at Home

  • It is a good idea to do exercises that can tone the lower and upper chest muscles.
  • If the exercise will only work out the lower chest muscles, then other exercises should be incorporated to include the upper chest muscles.

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