What Are The Health Benefits Of Crawling Exercise For Adults?

Crawling is the first step of movement before the baby learns to stand up and walk. Crawling is a movement that you do keeping your hands and knees on the ground. You also crawl when you drag your body just above the ground level. Indeed nature has taught babies to crawl first before they start any other movement.

It is the basic step that helps to strengthens almost muscles of body, including those of hands as well as legs. The added advantage for the baby is it helps to develop coordination between eye and hands.

According to people engaged in fitness regimen, crawling must not be limited only to babies, it is important even for adults. Similar to jumping, running, walking, crawling is also one of the natural movement. As adults we must incorporate all natural exercises in our daily life that we used to perform when we were children for benefit of our health.

Why Is Crawling A Good Exercises For Adults?

There are various health benefits of crawling for adults that most of us do not know.

To make crawling much more fun and interesting, you can opt for several variations. One day you can crawl on your knees and hands on other day attempt crawling on your toes and palm.

Below are given health benefits of crawling in adults:

  • Crawling does not require any special place such as a gym. You can crawl in your house. You do not require any instruments for this real natural movement. It does not take more time. Crawling can be a change from all other traditional exercises that you perform regularly.
  • It is one of the best forms of exercise to keep your muscles well toned. The act of crawling engages almost all muscles of the body such as the calf muscles, biceps and triceps, the abdominal muscles and muscles of back as well as the thigh muscles.
  • Crawling is not only beneficial for children to enhance their cognitive functions it also helps adults to boost their memory and concentration.
  • Regular crawling for few minutes will improve hand and eye coordination. Practicing it daily will help to improve dexterity and reaction time. Both this elements play exceptional role in hand and eye coordination.
  • It improves strength and stability of spine and joints which most adults as they grow find to be lacking. A strong back and spine will reduce the risk of back ache and shoulder pain.
  • Hands and shoulder girdle become strong. They are able to bear weight without causing any harm.
  • When you do it regularly, you start burning calories. You can include it as one of the exercises for reducing weight.
  • Crawling is calming for the nervous system. If you are stressed in your daily life at home or in office, crawling for few minutes daily in the morning will help to reduce your stress level and uplift your mood throughout the day.
  • Besides the core benefits of attaining necessary strength, crawling is useful for stimulating hormones in the body.