What are the Causes of Distended Stomach after Running and Exercise

Running is one of the most common forms of exercise and pastime activity. Still, there are times when running can induce certain medical conditions. For instance, running can actually cause distended stomach.

Distended Stomach after Running

  • Sometimes, running can cause a person to have a distended stomach.
  • This can be characterized by pain in the abdominal area and a feeling of over-eating or fullness.
  • This can also cause the patient to have flatulence and gas problems.
  • Some studies have shown that adults who run regularly, especially marathon and long-distance runners, are more prone to having a distended stomach than non-runners. In fact, about 50% of marathoners are affected by this condition.
  • There are a number of possible reasons why runners are prone to distended stomach.
    • Running, especially long distance running, can disrupt the body’s normal function. It can affect the body’s biochemical makeup, with some overproduced and others underproduced.
    • Because of the biomechanical stressed caused by running, the uptake of toxic substances could also cause the problem.
    • Too much sodium in the body can cause distended stomach. However, too low sodium content can also cause this problem.
    • When running, it is sometimes necessary to gulp large quantities of air.
      Doing this quickly could make the gas content in the stomach increase, leading to distended stomach.
    • A diet rich in starches and other gassy foods before running could also increase the probability of a person having a distended stomach.
  • Thus, before running, the person should always take into consideration what could happen and how this can be prevented. Therefore, minimizing intake of gassy food could be one major step. Drinking enough water should also be done. However, it is not a good idea to drink too much water – neither is dehydrating oneself with less water intake!

Distended Stomach after Exercise

  • Like in running, other forms of exercise can also cause distended stomach.
  • Distended stomach because of exercise could be due to the same reasons listed above.
  • Also, certain sugars in so-called “healthy foods” such as vegetables could actually cause distended stomach. Fructose increases flatulence. Fructose is found in many vegetables, including broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Sometimes, the exercise timing should be right. For instance, exercising immediately after eating has been noted to increase the chances of developing a distended stomach.
  • Just like in running, too much or too little of water and sodium could cause this condition.

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