Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Flabby Neck: Exercises For Neck Flab

Flabby neck is a condition which is characterized by sagging of neck skin. The primary cause associated with flabby neck is aging. As per Discovery Health, a leading health magazine, the skin loses elastin and collagen tissue, as the age advances. Both these tissue material play a vital role in maintaining youthful and healthy skin.

Further, with age, the facial muscles also become weak, resulting in appearance of sagging.

While aging is the key factor associated with flabby neck, there are other factors namely sudden weight loss, sun exposure and smoking. While these factors can contribute to sagging and flabby neck, there are different techniques to improve skin tone and muscle strength to reduce this appearance.

Exercises To Reduce Neck Flab

The primary focus of these exercises is to enhance muscle strength and thereby reduce the neck flab. It is important to have patience with these techniques in order for them to work,

  • Sit ups of the Neck: Lie down on the bed. Let your head hang on the edge of the bed in such a way that it is no longer supported by the bed.
    Now gradually raise your head, till your head is in alignment with the rest of the body. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then gradually lower the head down. Make sure that the movements are slow in order to avoid an injury. In case you are hypertensive, avoid repeating this for more than 2 to 3 times in one sitting.
  • Cloud chewing: Step outside in the open. Raise your head towards the sky. Pretend to bit and chew the cloud, with the mouth shut. Chew about 25 times. Now bring the head back to normal position. Repeat this about three to four times a day. This exercise will create tension in the jaw and front of the neck and help tone them.
  • Cloud pouting: Variant of the above technique. Tilt your head upwards towards the sky and pull your lower lip so that its sits on the top of the upper lip. This puts pressure on the lower jaw line and improves its tone.

How To Get Rid Of Flabby Neck Naturally?

Here are some simple tips that can help you get rid of neck flab,

  • Massage: Massaging the neck with Vitamin A, C and E containing oils can help improve the appearance of the skin. These essential nutrients also help build up collagen tissue and improve skin tone. Massaging also helps improve blood supply to the neck and thereby improves muscle tone and strength. Ensure that you massage the neck muscles from below to upwards direction.
  • Remain well hydrated. Adequate supply of water is essential to prevent sagging and reduce the impact of aging. Water also helps flush out harmful toxins and improves overall skin health. Limit your intake of alcohol and avoid aerated drinks, as these can lead to dehydration.
  • Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are loaded with antioxidants which can fight free radicals and delay aging. Consumption of green tea is also a good alternative.
  • Ensure complete sun protection when expecting to spend a day outdoors. Use sunscreen or use a hat to protect the facial and neck skin. Prefer natural products with SPF 15 or greater to protect the skin when outdoors.

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