Exercises and Natural Ways to Treat for Sagging Jowls

As a person ages, the skin loses its natural elasticity causing it to sag and form deep wrinkles that only make the person look a lot older than he or she actually looks. There are many treatments available especially surgical treatments that can help restore a person’s youthful looks. However, there are also natural ways to help tighten skin and make it look young again.

Sagging Jowls Exercises

  • The jowls basically refer to the lower mouth.

  • When the person ages, the elasticity of the skin begins to sag and causes what is popularly known as sagging jowls.

  • Sagging jowls also gives the person the appearance of a double chin.

  • There are many treatment options for treating sagging jowls such as surgical and non-surgical methods.

  • There are also home remedies that when applied to the skin, helps tighten it.

  • The other option is through simple facial exercises.

  • These exercises when performed daily yield wonderful results that make a person look years younger.

  • These facial exercises include:

    • Chewing motion – tilt the head up toward the ceiling with mouth closed. When facing the ceiling, begin a chewing motion, do this for 20 times.

    • Bottom lip over top lip – with the head facing the ceiling, move the lower lip over the upper lip as far as possible and hold the position for five counts. Repeat this exercise ten times.

    • Stretching – with the head upright, slowly turn the head to the left and hold for five counts and then turn the head to the right and hold for five counts. Repeat this exercise three times.

    • Hand on neck exercise – put the hands firmly on the neck as if choking the self and look up to the ceiling. Hold for 45 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.

Sagging Jowls Treatment

If not satisfied with facial exercises, interested individuals can choose from the many treatments used to address sagging jowls.

  • Liposuction – suctions out fats from the jowls and then the skin is tightened. This gets rid of sagging jowls and double chin.

  • Face and neck lift – a surgical procedure that tightens the skin to get rid of sagging jowls as well as frown lines.

  • Nonsurgical methods – use of laser and other advanced technology can help tighten skin without making any incision or using any anesthetic.

  • Over the counter products – topical creams and lotions that have skin tightening effects to help tighten the skin over the jowls. 

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