What are the Causes of Baggy Eyes and Its Remedy for Treatment?

The availability of cosmetic products and procedures to correct cosmetic problems has increased throughout the years. This has caused more and more people, both the young and the old, to turn to cosmetic medicine for any problems relating to self-image.

Sagging or puffy eyes are one of the most common signs of aging.

The eyelids of the eyes have more importance than to simply protect the eye. It also contains subcutaneous or fat tissues that keep give it a plump and youthful appearance which can diminish with age. Cosmetic medicine has proven a quick and simple way to address problems with sagging eyes as well as other facial or cosmetic concerns.

Baggy Eyes

Sagging eyes are one of the most distinguishable features for a person of age.

  • Characterized by darkness under the eyes, bagging or puffiness under the eyes, or sagging of the eye pockets.
  • Old age is the most common cause of bagging eyes but even young adults can develop them too.
  • Baggy or puffy eyes are never desirable for men and women for various reasons such as:
    • The person can look older than his or her actual age.
    • It gives the person a worn-out or tired appearance.
  • This condition is easily treatable depending on the cause for the bagginess.
  • There are various causes behind eyes that have become baggy, old age is just one of those causes.

What Causes Baggy Eyes?

There are natural and medical explanations or causes for eyes to become baggy. These include:

  • Old age. As people grow older, the fats in the eye socket expands, the skin loses its elasticity causing a sagging and baggy appearance.
  • Stress. Stress can take its toll on any person’s appearance. Bagginess of the eyes because of stress can be caused by lack of sleep causing a darkening and puffy appearance.
  • Poor nutrition. The skin loses its elasticity not just because of old age but also because of poor nutrition and hydration.
  • Water retention. A person who is prone to retaining fluids can develop puffier eyelids compared with other individuals.
  • Eye stress. Stressing the eyes and not just the body in general causes the eyes to darken and become puffy. This can be caused by long hours watching the television or facing a computer screen.
  • Capillary fragility. In some people, their capillaries are more fragile and easily break including the capillaries surrounding the eyes causing a baggy or puffy appearance.
  • Thyroid disorders. Over or underactive thyroid can cause bagginess of the eyes.
  • Allergies. Some cosmetic products applied to or near the eyes can cause allergies that result in eye puffiness.
  • Smoking. This includes secondary smoke and is one of the identified causes for bagginess of the eyes.

Baggy Eyes Treatment and Remedy

Treatment of baggy or sagging eyes depends on the cause and also highly depends on the individual’s budget.

  • Surgical interventions. There are various cosmetic surgical procedures that can be done to help rid the eyes of bagginess and puffiness especially in older patients who do not respond quite well to conservative treatment.
  • Eye products. There is a wide choice of eye products on the market that aim to rid the eyes of puffiness and bagginess and restore a youthful appearance. This can come in the form of creams or eye roll-on.
  • Proper diet and supplementation. Eating the right foods and taking enough supplements keeps the skin nourished and helps prevent early skin aging.
  • Avoid stressful activities. Practicing relaxation exercises or coping mechanisms to deal with everyday stresses of life will help prevent stress to affect the person’s physical appearance. This also refers to avoidance of stressful eye activities.
  • Get enough rest. It is essential to give the body enough rest because the eyes are one of the most evident proofs of lack of sleep. The eyes not only become baggy, it also becomes bloodshot.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke.
  • Eye exercises. There are various eye exercises that can be done at home or wherever to keep the skin and muscles around the eyes in condition to prevent early sagging.
  • Avoid excess salt intake. This can aggravate eye bagginess.

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