Bags Under Eyes When Smiling: Causes And Natural Cure For Puffy Eyes

Bags under eyes especially when you smile are a common cosmetic problem you face with growing age. It is characterized by swelling and puffiness underneath your lower eyelid. The accumulation of fat in that area gives a baggy impression. It is often associated with heredity.

Causes Of Bags Under Eyes When Smiling

It takes time to develop bags under eyes; the condition is not a sudden occurrence.

As you age, the tissue under your eyes and some of the eye muscles become weak. The fat that supports the eyes gradually slips into the lower eyelid which makes your eye appear puffy and baggy.

  • If you sleep late at night or read for long hours there are chances for your eye to become baggy. At times sleeping without pillow on your stomach can also give rise to bags under eyes.
  • Allergies, sinusitis, hormonal changes, alcoholism, cigarette smoking, tiredness increases the risk of bags under eyes.
  • Certain medicines which cause retention of fluid can also cause bags under your eyes when smiling. Life style changes, nutritional deficiencies, consuming excess of salt in certain conditions such as hypertension, kidney disease increases the chances of puffy eyelids.

Although a bag under your eye while smiling is not a serious medical problem, it may be a cosmetic concern to you.

Home Remedies For Bags Under Eyes

There are home remedies and natural treatment which are effective in treating bags under your eyes, if you do not prefer undergoing expensive cosmetic surgeries.

  • If the bag under eyes is caused due to fluid retention, one of the best home remedy is to sleep with your head elevated beneath one or two pillows.
  • A face mask made from parsley leaves helps to reduce the eye bags in most natural manner.
  • Apply cotton balls soaked in cold milk under your eyes regularly, lactic acid present in milk helps to reduce puffy eyes.
  • Place a slice of fresh cool cucumber on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes regularly. It is an effective home remedy for bags under your eye.

Natural Cure For Puffy Eyes

  • If the bags under eye won’t go away with the simple home remedy, you can also try certain facial and eye exercises along with the home remedies. The simplest of all is just stay relaxed and close your eyes. Look up and down with your eyes closed, you should not arc your eyebrows while you do this simple exercise. The exercise stretches the lower eyelid area and thus prevents under eye bags.
  • Place frozen tea bags on the swollen and baggy eye area. It is the most popular home remedy for bags under eyes.
  • Instead of tea bags you can use ice compresses for reducing baggy eyes.
  • A light massage with castor oil or lavender oil is also helpful in treating the condition.
  • Place a chilled steel spoon over the eyes until the spoon loses its coolness. It is an effective home remedy for reducing under eye bags or puffy eyes.

2 thoughts on “Bags Under Eyes When Smiling: Causes And Natural Cure For Puffy Eyes

  • January 7, 2014 at 9:27 am

    I am 17 year old. I have bags under my eyes since childhood. When I smile it just appears and looks really ugly. I have not tried any of the home remedies but are they effective? Since I am young, advice me the most efficient method to remove them.

    • January 11, 2014 at 1:31 pm

      • Apply cold compresses early in the morning as soon as you get out.
      • Drink plenty of water. Your skin should maintain elasticity.
      • Put cut and cold cucumber slice on your eyes. Keep the eyes closed for 10 minutes while you put the slice on them.
      • Lastly laser plastic surgery may help if all the home measures fail. Consult a good plastic surgeon in your area.


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