How To Reduce Black Eye Bruises with Natural Remedies?

Getting punched in the face, in the eye, falling down, or bumping into something can cause a bruise to form. This type of injury is called a contusion wherein the tissues under the skin are injured due to a blow. No break of skin occurs but the blood vessels rupture causing a draining of blood under the skin, hence, the appearance of a bruise.

There are different remedies that can help reduce the appearance of a bruise much quickly than usual aside from the handy make-up concealer.

Black Eye Bruises

Not all black eyes result from a fight or brawl. Any injury to the face can possibly result in a black eye.

  • A black eye commonly results from injuries to the face or head.

  • The bruise results from blood and fluids that collect around the space surrounding the eye.

  • The swelling and black or dark discoloration coined it the term “black eye”.

  • A black eye is considered a minor injury only, meaning that the injury heals by itself after a period of a few days.

  • Common causes of a black eye include: blows to the nose, surgical procedures involving the face, head injuries or allergic reactions.

Black Eye Bruises Treatment and Remedies

After incurring a head injury or any injury to the face, the following treatments should be initiated:

  • Apply cold compress. This helps to avoid swelling and black eye formation.

  • Administer pain relievers. This not only relieves pain but analgesics usually contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent swelling and subsequent black eye formation.

  • Apply warm compresses 48 hours after the injury has occurred. This allows any pooled blood to be absorbed back into the system and lessen the appearance of the dark discoloration.

  • Keep the head elevated especially when sleeping and try to avoid rolling over or sleeping on the affected side. This helps reduce pressure in the head and helps prevent headaches which usually accompany a black eye.

How to Reduce Black Eye Bruises

There are many remedies that can help reduce the appearance of black eyes aside from the trusted make-up. These include:

  • Vitamin-K creams applied over the affected area to help accelerate healing of injured tissues.

  • Arnica plant and pineapple are natural remedies that contain properties that can help in healing bruises.

  • Parsley contains anti-inflammatory properties that when applied as a cold compress over the injury can lessen swelling and inflamed appearance usually associated with black eyes.

  • Avoid forceful blowing of the nose when a black eye is present because this causes the capillaries to rupture and bleed again causing further bruising.

  • Conceal the black eye with natural-colored concealers or make-ups.


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