What Causes Brown Spots On Sclera? How To Remove Them Naturally?

Sclera refers to the white portion of the eye that surrounds the cornea. In general the sclera is whitish in color with a slight bluish tinge. Dark skinned individuals have a slightly darker sclera, which is attributed to the presence of pigmentation (melenocytes) and is referred to as benign racial melanosis.

It is important to investigate the cause for brown spots on sclera, as some may be dangerous to the individual’s health.

In most cases, brown spots on sclera can be benign; however there are other causes which may require medical assistance. Some of the causes include,

  • Use of certain medications like chlorpromazine can lead to brownish spots on the sclera.
  • Ingestion of gold or other heavy metal poisoning is also linked with this condition.
  • Some individuals may suffer from brown discoloration in the eye which may be present since birth (a freckle) or may develop with age. In most cases, these spots are benign and harmless.
  • Bleeding or hemorrhage in the sclera can also lead to brownish spots.
    In most cases, brown spots are indicative of a presence of blood clots in the vascular structure below the sclera.
  • Excessive exposure to sun can also lead to brownish discoloration of the sclera.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Sclera Naturally?

Here are some important tips that can help in reducing formation of brown spots on the sclera naturally. It is important to consult an ophthalmologist to verify the underlying cause for the formation of these spots. If the condition is benign, home remedies and natural treatments can be used.

  • Protection from the sun is the key to reduce brownish discoloration of the sclera. Use sunglasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiations.
  • Consume freshly crushed garlic flakes along with a glass of water. Garlic contains sulfur which helps in detoxifying the body.
  • Dandelion roots are also considered useful to detoxify the body when heavy metal poisoning is considered to be the cause for brown spots on sclera. Dandelion roots improve liver functioning and help in cleansing the blood.
  • Vitamin E and vitamin C supplements are vital as they are loaded with antioxidants and thereby help boost natural immunity and fight toxins. Include foods like nuts, citrus fruits, etc in your diet to increase the natural supply of these vitamins.
  • Limit the intake of sea food and meat in order to limit the intake of heavy metals in your diet. Avoid tinned or canned foods and instead opt for organic and natural foods.
  • Consume at least a few slices of onion during meals. Onion acts as a natural blood thinner and helps prevents clot formation. However, individuals suffering from clotting or bleeding disorders to avoid excessive consumption of onions in their diet.
  • Homeopathy is useful especially to deal with brown spots on sclera. Arnica Montana is considered very useful to deal with dark spots which are associated with damage to blood vessels. Arnica helps in reabsorbing the blood clots and helps deal with brown spots in sclera.
  • Speak to your physician and check if the brown spots are linked to any of the medications. Request for change in medication if possible.

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